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  1. J

    Telit GM862 problem [URGENT]

    next time you flooded the board with same topic you will ban asking in one forum for same topic enough I'm trying to test gm862 gsm modem by connecting it to PC, but it simply isn't working/responding. I've connected TxD and RxD to MAX232N and I've used two zener diodes due to gm862's voltage...
  2. J

    Microcontroller projects, amplifier projects

    microcontroller mini projects Hi! If anyone was interested to view microcontroller projects such as RFID card lock, or GSM controller, or if you wanted to build high-power amplifier, 250W or 500W sine power, you could download and build them: https://johnnyhush.com I hope you'll like it :)...
  3. J

    Serial communication with PIC16F84

    I'm using 16f84, and I need to program it, so when it receives some data, for example 8bits (with UART standard) it checks if received data matches to other data previously stored in eeprom, and if it is a match case it will go to one label, and if it isn't that it will go to other label. It...
  4. J

    Sim card - read/write

    I think that a lot of you has already made this device, so please upload some schematics and which program to use with it. thanks, johnny
  5. J

    Microcontrollers and all kinds of displays

    Hi everybody! I am a beginner in this area, so I would be grateful to anyone who uploads some tutorials about programming displays with microcontrollers, and anything else that explains how that works. Thanks, Johnny
  6. J

    Looking for icprog_driver.zip file

    Few days ago I tried to open https://www.ic-prog.net but it isn't working. I needed a file whose address was at https://www.ic-prog.net/icprog_driver.zip so I can run icprog on my xp (without it isn't working) So if anybody has it please upload it... Thanks, Johnny
  7. J

    Basic MPLAB instructions

    I would like to start working with mplab, and program some chips, but I would like to read some short introduction... So please, everyone who has worked with mplab post some instructions, or introduction... Thanks Johnny
  8. J

    URGENT! AV output to antenna cable

    I have a DVD player which has a av output (video, left and right audio) and I need to connect it to an old TV which has only input for antenna. So anybody who has some circuit, please upload it, or help if you know something... P.S And it really is urgent! Thanks, Johnny
  9. J

    Need Stun Gun circuit diagrams

    Hi everybody. I was interested in your opinions about stun gun. Well, I'm about to make one for myself (for self-defence of course) so it would be good if somebody could help me out or post some circuit that has already been made. I've posted three circuits and a couple of link so check them out...

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