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    Simple digital timer Help needed

    I need to create a simple digital for a mini basketball field model that I am building. This digital timer will have 2 digits only, and will display second from 00-59. Example of a 24 second clock from a real basketball game - attached. Note that i need a 00-59 seconds timer. What I need is...
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    Urgent solution required for two problems of electronics Plz guide me to solve

    i need an urgent help in solving these two problems of electronics plz help me solving these problems ,the file is attached with this post Thanx
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    Want A door open and close using 8051

    when the person enters his face will be detected and the door open automatically and after some delay the door will be closed
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    Want A door open and close using 8051

    I want to open a door to be opened with 89c51 as after 90 degree the motor should be of automatically and after A smaalll delay it should close the door #include <reg51.h> void MSDelay(unsigned int); void main(void) { P1=0x55; MSDelay(15); P1=0xAA; MSDelay(15); } void MSDelay(unsigned int...
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    Urgent Help In Seriall Communication

    I am having problem in visual studio how get the data from visual studio as this dat will b the input of microcontroller ..........
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    Urgent Help In Seriall Communication

    HI, i need some help regarding to my project as i want to have a seriall communication between visual studio have done some work in it now the output of that code i want to send to microcontroller how can i send the data serially there plz help me out of thsi probelm
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    How to Send message Using At commands

    so it will have the specific AT commands which i should have to read?
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    How to Send message Using At commands

    Hi, I am doing a Project In my Project Say i have Output from my C++ language programme and i want to send sms, and mms of the data obtained what should i use GSM module or sony ericson set .............

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