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    Need recommendation of a good book about cryptography

    book on cryptography Can any one suggest any good book about cryptography??i want to learn it my self,if some one can provide this book,i'll be thankful
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    How To Generate a Random Process ??

    Any one help me how to generate a Random Process, with using any MATLAB functions. I want to know that what logic behind it if I want to generate 1000 points Random Numbers, Pdf is also given with mean and Variance. But question is same How to generate the random numbers ??
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    Soln : Linear System Theory and Design by: Chi-Tsong Chen??

    Any one please send me the solution of this book. Linear System Theory and Design (Oxford Series in Electrical and Computer Engineering) by: Chi-Tsong Chen
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    Solution of Linear Systems Theory and Design

    linear systems theory and design Any one have the Solution of Linear Systems Theory and Design by Chi- Tsong Chen. 3rd Eidition Please send me
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    Why IIR design in the contineous domain ??

    Why we use Butterworth, chebyshev, and elliptical technique to do filltering with IIR
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    What is RS 232 and where is it used?

    What is RS 232. Please let me know that what is RS 232, where it is used
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    what is the difference b/w ASIC and FPGA

    what is the difference b/w ASIC and FPGA ??
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    Floating point processing using a Microcontroller

    Could we do floating point processing by using the microcontroller ?? For floating poing Algorithm, Microcontroller is best or a DSP processor is best ??
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    Difference B/W Microcontroller and a DSP Processor ??

    Please let me know that Difference B/W Microcontroller and a DSP Processor. How What advantage of a DSP Processor is over Microcontroller
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    What is a Bessel Function?

    bessel transfer function What is a Bessel Function? What it says, and where it is used espacially in Electronics Engineering
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    Where IEEE 802.11 Standard Use

    Plase let me know that IEEE 802.11 is a W LAN standatrs, But I want to know more percisely that this stsndard what says ? I maen it is about data rate? Please explain me with a example, i am a little new in Networks
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    what is the difference b/w Line coding and Run length coding

    what is the difference b/w Line coding and Run length coding. Are they done at Bsaeband level or after modulation
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    Difference B/w Wireless Communication & SpaceTime Wirele

    What is the difference between the Wireless Communication and Space Time Wireless Commnication
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    OFDM:How frequencies become orthogonal

    how frequencies orthogonal In OFDM how the frequencies become orthogonal. Example i have a signal cosine 5 KHz, how many orthogonal frequencies can i have for OFDM in that case.
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    IS 95 CDMA is a standard or a Hardware

    Please let me know that IS-95 CDMA is a standard like GSM Standard or it is a Hardare like Modem
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    Minimum Order of FIR Filter

    Usually FIR filter have high order ie a lot of poles placed at z=0. But FIR is always stable. FIR is difficult to implement because of high order as compared with IIR. What is the minimum order of FIR to be implemented with it ??
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    Condation of Stablity in non causal system

    Consider a Non causal system which is left sided. ie ROC is inner to the inner most pole. If all poles lies inside the unit circle than the system is stable or not. If unstable than what is the condation of stablity in non causal system??
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    IIR Filter could be causal or always non causal

    I want to know that Is IIR filter is always non causal. if not than please send me an example of IIR Filter in difference equation that is causal. Please think about y(n) = y(n-1) + x(n-1) + 2*x(n) Is the above system is causal or non causal? Is the system is IIR or not ?
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    IIR Filter in fdatool

    fdatool iir I have designed an IIR filter in fadtool, I want to pass a signal through this filter, plz let me know how i get the filter cofficients? For FIR i use the option "Export" in file it save the Num in the command window. I want to know that in FIR these are the filter tabs in Time...
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    What is the "IS 95 CDMA Modem"

    Please let me know waht is the "IS 95 CDMA Modem", its basic logic of working and where it is used.

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