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    Improve Speed of photovoltaic based Solid State Relay

    I am in the process of creating a High power Mosfet based SSR. The idea is using a photovoltaic MOSFET driver such as VO1263 (SIlabs have similar IC but it uses CMOS coupling to create the isolated power). However these type of ICs are pretty slow since they provide about 10uA of drive current...
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    Is Axial Gap (pancake) motor better for servo drive applications

    I heard from someone that axial gap /pancake motors (lynch or etek) are better for servo control ( speed and position ) than standard radial flux DC motors. both motors are brushed type . I donot really understand the physics behind this claim , although i know how each one operate. So can...
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    Implementation of BiSS C interface for an encoder

    BiSS C DB3 protocol interface for Absolute encoder is Open Source and Free Communication protocol hardware compatible with SSI interface. And it is used widely in absolute position encoders. However searching for sample codes and implementations yields zero results. Most BiSS master are Closed...
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    Various types of dc motors for traction application

    i am doing a research on which motor is better suited for Small EV or kart conversion using a fixed gear (single stage). the options available are : PMDC , SepEx , Series , BLDC . ( No ac motors ) I have found so many information regarding BLDC motors and their advantages , but no useful info...
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    boost output current of IR2184

    I am using the IR21844 in half bridge configuration , now i have to modify the circuit for a larger mosfet (2500nC gate charge total) , i would like to boost the output current into 4-5A ( from the original 1.4A) and keeping the same Driver since i donot want to change the logic side of the...
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    mplabx harmony vs stm32cube ( PIC32 cs stm32)

    MPLAB X Harmony vs STM32CUBE ( PIC32 vs stm32 development software) hi everyone after some comparision of chips i have found that both stm32f4 and pic32mz are similar products interms of performance and both support my current and future needs. The question is now a matter of software...
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    Need reference books on automation and control

    hello i am intersted in referrnce and books on building control systems ( closed loop PID , fuzzy , ....) for motors and such in industrial product , and i need some books to RE-UNDERSTAND the theory and practical implementation in "digital" microcontroller regards
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    Electronic multiturn encoders how they work ?

    i am intersted in understanding how multiturn encoders without mechanical gears work ? i have 2 theories from what i read : 1- internal battery (with eeprom to count) ?! 2- internal micro generator (energy harvesting tech) but i am reading in...
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    [SOLVED] H bridge driving method for servo control ?

    i have been working sometime with servo control (position and speed) of brushed dc motor in the KW range . Traditionally i am using locked antiphase (50% duty =zero speed) as i read it is better for controlling the motor . i am sensing motor current in both directions to operate in 4 quadrant ...
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    What's inside an electric motor tester dynometer, CAN I BUILD ONE?

    whats inside an electric motor tester dynometer , CAN I BUILD ONE ?? hello guys i basically understand the idea of a dynamo meter , input power and output power from an electrical motor to determine its characteristic curve . now i can measure input voltage and current , and output speed ...
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    preventing IC from POWERUP due to signal without VCC

    i have an arduino in a circuit board the circuit is power through 12v supply , some times i want to program the arduino while the board is off . The problem is that usb is sending 5v to the arduino , while the rest of the ICs are off . and according to this post : Will cutting power to a...
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    FOC predriver similar to microstepping predriver

    anybody knows of IC that implement FOC in hardware to control mosfets directly or mosfet drivers ? similar to ICs used for microstepping ? for motor up to 1-5KW PMSM or BLDC i know that i can do that through microcontroller and application notes with example softwares that you need to modify...
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    migratting from PIC to ARM questions and experince

    i am a novice PIC18F and 24F programmer (3 years experience only ) i have to jump into the world of 32bit processors due to coming projects that require heavy processing and my laziness toward fixed point , optimizing math and using scaling to change matlab and some algorithms codes to more PIC...
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    TVS uni vs bidirection in this circuit

    Hello Guys i have used this circuit (i found online last year) to drive big dc motors without much thinking but with great success but yesterday i noticed something , there are 3 TVS (from each motor terminal to GND, and from VCC to GND) BUT THEY ARE BIDIRECTIONAL now i am thinking , isn't...
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    decoupling and power planes connection the right way

    if i am designing a 4 layer board with inner planes Vcc and Gnd what is the best way to connect the decoupling capacitors to the uC (running at 200Mhz) i usually use this method : i have found this on the internet but i am not convensied please give your opinion
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    [SOLVED] generate isolated dc-dc converter for gate drive

    hello guys i want to use a mosfet as a high side switch ( instead of a relay) there is no fast switching (of duty cycle) just 0 or 1 , just ON/OFF each couple of seconds . to turn on the high side mosfet , you need about 12-15v between gate and source . but i am using a micro-controller or...
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    rs232 to rs232 isolator

    i need to isolate rs232 signals coming from pc and going to a high power device rs232 serial port I DONOT WANT LEVEL SHIFTERS (max232) hopefully it will be compact and doesnot need external power source ?!! maybe ?? something like this ...
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    why these connectors for industrial environments outrageous prices !!

    hi i donot now if this is the right place to ask this question but i would like to know designers how work in industrial or military products , how they choose their connectors ? the prices seem crazy high on IP65 and up metal connectors on mouser even in 100pcs quantities , some cost up to...
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    [SOLVED] SSI interface ? hardware vs software

    hey guys just wondering if anyone is familiar with the SSI interface (serial syncronous interface) it is unidirectional communication technique on rs422 drivers for long distance the problem i am having is inconsistent readings on a very short 10 feet cable !! the inconsistacy is usually...
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    motors their applications and limitations PMDC vs BLDC

    hi guys i want to know for low voltage 24-72v what is the deciding factor between DC motor ? Brush or brushless 1- limitations in power can PMDC go as high as BLDC ex:10Kw or 20Kw ?? 2- efficiency ? 3- magnets rare earth , or ferrite has to do anything ?? 4- size to power ratio ? 5- cost to...

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