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  1. J

    Rework Station question

    What type or model is a good rework station for prototyping?
  2. J

    Suggestions needed for PCB static electric arcing problems

    I have a project that I am working on and would like some input from anyone that has some knowledge on High Voltage Arcing on PCBs. Problem: I have a PCB that is enclosed in a plastic enclosure that has metal pins and switch that extend to the outside of the enclosure. Static electrical shock...
  3. J

    Help with Auto routing DO file

    I have never had much luck with the autorouters, most of my PCBs are to compact to get a high % with the autorouters. I am trying to use the autorouters more, but am unable to write a very efficient DO file. I cuurently am using a diptrace autoraouter and an electra autorouter. Does...
  4. J

    SMT pattern advice needed

    Can SMD patterns designed for wave soldering be sodered using reflow process?

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