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    Designing VCO using ADS example

    Hi guys, I'm doing a project designing microwave oscillator using negative feedback topology with frequency at 13 GHz. I found an example in ADS 2008 which can generate frequency at 7.824GHz. That example is using BJT and I know for microwave frequency it is preferably to use GaAs Mosfet. My...
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    Looking for Schottky Diode.

    Hi all. I'm looking for Schottky diode which has 0.3 x 280-um stripe. I already done some research but not found any. Do anyone know any Schottky diode that matched with my requirement?
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    [Moved] GaAs Low Noise Transistor linear model

    Hye all..I'm doing a project for my degree now. The project is about designing the oscillator wave with centered frequency at 13 GHz. I decided to use GaAs MESFET NE71383B as my transistor. The problem is, when I look into the schematic diagram of that transistor, there are another...
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    Design Millimeter wave oscillator

    Hi all, i need to design a Millimeter wave oscillator to complete my undergraduate. The operating frequency is at 13GHz. I already found the suitable transistor that is NE71383B. I need to simulate this project using ADS. Can some one guide me on how to design the circuit? Thanks.

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