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    What Eda to use for building simple circuits ?

    What Eda to use.... for building simple circuits, analyse with Pspice, now and then making a prototype board (2 layer mainly, rarely 4). Orcad Capture -> Power PCB (not well integrated?) Orcad Capture -> Allegro? Concept HDL -> Allegro? Anything else? I have some experience with Capture - PCB...
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    Allegro vs. PowerPCB501 vs. LayoutPlus

    layout vs allegro Having used LayoutPlus for some time(no good), and now PowerPcb(good, but integration with Orcad only via PCBNavigator), should I try Allegro? Is it worth the effort? :?:
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    PSpice package for Powerlogic501

    Hi, is there a decent PSipce package with a good integration like orcad capture? Any clues? Thx, tichy
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    Looking for equivalent for OpAmp IC OQ0051

    Hello, anyone knows this IC or an equivalent one? It is probably from Philips, biuld into the anaolg meter PM2505. Thx, tichy
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    IEEE488 - RS232 Interface "Stellvetreter"

    Hi, i build this interface some years (10?) ago, unfortunately i lost all docus for it and i cannot remember in which German electronics magazine it was published. Perhaps someone knows about that and could provide some info? Thx, tichy

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