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    Hardware Lock(USB dongle) for a particular S/W

    softice dongle Hi, Can anybody tell me, how to break the Hardware lock of a partcular software? I mean,is it possible to run a particular software without having Hardware lock(Hardware dongle)? Thanks
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    Monkey Testing - which tool and prog. lang would be good ?

    Monkey Testing Hello, I want to create monkey Testing Environment for Embedded device. can anybody tell me which tool and programming language would be helpful for the same? waiting for reply.. Regards Pankaj
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    TCL Program In Linux Plateform

    Hello, I am new to Linux and i want to write TCL program using Linux Plateform. can anybody help me how to do it? I want to run program in editor itself not using console. Note: i have installed Fedora 5.0 in my machine. waiting for reply... Regards Pankaj Bangalore

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