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    Characteristic Mode Analysis using MATLAB

    hello ! yes you can use CST , version 2016 has this feature. Regards!
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    advantages / disadvantages of internal resonance of a cavity?

    Hello! I would like to understand the internal resonance, what are the advantages / disadvantages ?! thank you!
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    Error using CST: Mesh is empty

    Hello! I would like to ask you about this error:Mesh is empty using CST. Any suggestions about which could cause such error ?! Note: I am simulating a structure which has mm as a unit and GHz FOR THE FREQUENCY unit. Thank you !!
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    plot 2D radiation pattern

    Hello, I am unable to see the text file , did you upload it ?
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    Patch antenna with coaxial feed in hfss

    Re: Patch antenna with coaxial feed dear RIDHA1, YOU CAN FIND AN EXAMPLE IN THIS LINK (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-4xGKMdmyc) BEST REGARDS!
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    electrical and magnetic coupling

    Greeting! I want to know how to distinguish between the cases when there is an electrical coupling an those we have a magnetic coupling. an example is shown in the picture attached where both occur but I couldn't say/explain where or why the couplings occur. Hope I made myself clear...
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    swaped E and H plane under CST

    thank you very much! I feel like confused about the figures of volker they don't tell much to me :-( Ps: could you please specify the planes by xy and yz the terms horizontal and vertical depends on the structure positioning. thx!
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    swaped E and H plane under CST

    thank you ! please find attached the patterns in 3D
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    swaped E and H plane under CST

    well I am confused now more than I was, but one comment seems to solve the problem by volker@muehlhaus. what do you think?!
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    swaped E and H plane under CST

    well it is a very ordinary loop planar antenna with a partial ground plane. I have attached the results that I get. thx!
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    swaped E and H plane under CST

    Hallo, I have a loop monopole antenna while visualizing the E and H patterns I get them swaped (E must be H and vice versa). Any ideas about what could cause such thing! Note: I took E plane (phi=0º) and H plane (phi=90º) Regards!
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    Method of analyze SIW antenna

    many thanks for the link. Okay I will go for it, and go back to this post if any problems are faced :) regards!
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    Method of analyze SIW antenna

    Thank you, very much for the open sources, I appreciate it! could you give any arguments for your choice or references , I will be grateful! because I have been looking into the literature for a quite long period and I can't decide maybe because I am new to this field ! regards!
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    Method of analyze SIW antenna

    I didn't build an antenna yet but it will be a slotted one (simple and not stratified). Now, I am confused about the adequate method that could be applied to get the characteristics (phase constant, attenuation,..etc), as going through the literature most used ones are MoM and Mode Matching...
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    Method of analyze SIW antenna

    dear all, I want to know which method is more adequate to analyse the characteristics of a SIW antenna and what are its advantages compared with the rest of the methods? many thanks!
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    cable termination for planar antenna, How to??!

    Hello!! Yes, I am using a vector network analyzer (VNA). supposing I will use the cable that comes with the VNA, it will not be useful for any other kind of measurements due to the coaxial-Stripline transition that I have to consider in one end of it. but I have a doubt a bout the ground plane...
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    cable termination for planar antenna, How to??!

    Hello! yes I would like to measure the antenna properties, well at least get the S11 :-( the antenna is as I said a planar antenna with a microstrip feed line, the frequency band is [5-36GHz]. thank you!
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    cable termination for planar antenna, How to??!

    Hello! how a cable termination is employed with a planar antenna to perform the measurements ??! is there any specific characteristics of the cable in respect with the frequency band of the antenna? the dimensions of the cable/inner conductor? I highly appreciate any information about this...
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    Farfield representation under CST

    Dear all, I have notice that when I represent the radiation pattern sometimes I get a green curve which is not mentioned in the legend of the plot. Can anyone tell me what does it really stand for? I have attached an example which clarifies more the question thanks!
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    Troubles in representing eigenvalues of a dipole antenna

    Dear all, I am having troubles in representing the eigenvalues of a dipole antenna using characteristic modes theory, the modes merge while they should not because it is a very simple antenna, any hints to solve the problem??! Please find attached the figure of what I obtain and how results...

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