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    lpc1768 external interrupt problem with cmsis

    hi i have a problem on using external interrupt in lpc1768 with cmsis library. this is my code: Code: void EINT_IRQHandler() { EXTI_ClearEXTIFlag(EXTI_EINT0); FIO_SetValue(0,(1<<22)); } int main () { PINSEL_CFG_Type PinCfg; EXTI_InitTypeDef EXTICfg...
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    external interrupt in ARM lpc1768 not working

    this is my code: volatile uint32_t eint0_counter; void EINT0_IRQHandler () { LPC_SC->EXTINT = EINT0; eint0_counter++; if ( eint0_counter & 0x01 ) { LPC_GPIO0->FIOSET = 1<<22; } else { } } uint32_t EINTInit() { LPC_PINCON->PINSEL4 = 0x00100000...
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    Problem >> How to install modelsim in redhat

    Thanks flanello But it doesnt worked for me.
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    Problem >> How to install modelsim in redhat

    I m changing my redhat to other version and could installed modelsim carefully, But I have another problem, How could I run modelsim? Does any one could help me to do that? Thanks
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    Problem >> How to install modelsim in redhat

    hi friends I have a Problem for install modelsim in redhat linux.I installed it deficultly (becuase i m new in linux) and downloaded modelsim from: https://www.altera.com/download/dnl-index.jsp (modelsim starter edition) so, i have 10.1_modelsim_ae_linux.sh and redhat. altera tutorials says...

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