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    IRFP250 mosfet maximum voltage on push-pull config

    irfp250 power supply Hi any one help me irfp250 push pull configuration what is maximum dc volt use how to calculate?(Vdss-200V - Rds_on 0.085- Id 33A) Regards kicha
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    1500W Inverter Full Schematics And Pcb

    high frequency inverter schematic Hi it is very simple who can able to understood the concept 6.5/a (cross section area of core) you got turns/volts example type 43X2 inch stake then 2X2=4 , 6.5/4=1.625 is the Turns per volt you need 110/60 then179 turn in primary 98 turn in secondary...
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    Isolating grounds from motors and a microcontroller

    Re: Isolating grounds sir the optical isolation of a microcontroller from the motors use this reference circuit you can use tlp250 also just reffer data sheet of tlp250 if need more on mail to id india_kitcha@yahoo.co.in regards kicha
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    Expert of Black Magic Only Can Answer That !!!!!!!!

    Re: thanks this not telephone number pls you can abel to fin sir thanks a lot yours help but this name not abel find through web pls help to find regards kicha
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    Expert of Black Magic Only Can Answer That !!!!!!!!

    sir kindly help to find this company address or phone number this is transformer inductor manufacture ShenZhen "Fe Yu" electronic company. Shen Zhen is a close to HongKong, being the southern part of China. regards kicha

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