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  1. zlatkoMM

    LED slim tube LED driver replacement

    hello I have blow up slim LED tube with 2 strips ,each strip have 72 LED chip diode what would be easiest LED driver replacement i can build myself?
  2. zlatkoMM

    CANEDA Analog Electronic Simulator?

    I recently found on github open source electronic simulator called CanEda. Program is based on QT and looks that work fine on my windows 7 machine. But i cannot found documentation and any examples how to work with this simulator .. Is anyone here who have experience with this new program...
  3. zlatkoMM

    MiniFM-Oldie Receiver

    There is a nice schematic in Fig.5, but the loop is hand sensitive. To overcome this disadvantage and because i dislike tapped coils, i've synthesized an aperiodic preamp like in Fig.6 and an colpitts-like common base oscillator with feedback from collector to emitter, coupled them by small C...
  4. zlatkoMM

    Really the Best Freeware EM program for patch antenna?

    I understand that similar questions are posted already on forum but there is no any final answer? Which one is really simpliest or easier to use patch antenna program which can produce RF current density on a given patch without to much complications? Of course program must have windows version...
  5. zlatkoMM

    Ultra SW or VHF radio receiver

    Ever want to build simple rceiver which can pick up almost any range you want? You must try to build this one. https://theradioboard.myfastforum.org/
  6. zlatkoMM

    FM VINTAGER 2 - superhet receiver

    Hi to all... If you ever wish to build simple but solid FM radio in classic style here is schematic Receiver is tested and work well if you use outside antenna.
  7. zlatkoMM

    Transistor or LED as Varicap?

    Hi to all... I am interested is there a way to build transistor or LED circuit which act as varicap diodes? We all know that transistor with shot connection between emiter and colector (NPN) respond on reverse voltage and act as varicap. Is there anyone with experience in this area? Or someone...
  8. zlatkoMM

    Bridge audio amplifier with bipolar transistors

    Hi.. Is there anyone here who have schematic for Bridge audio amplifier with bipolar transistors . Maybe for few watts ...
  9. zlatkoMM

    Fractal Quad 2.4 Ghz

    Hi to all...!:-) Because i like to design antennas i have decided to present here my new design of fractal variation of curtain quad wifi antenna for 2.4 GHz. Main advantage over curtain quad as i see will be in small dimensions of this antenna.
  10. zlatkoMM

    Ryll Linux for electronics

    Hello to all.... I found on Softpedia one interesting linux distro based on Slax linux. Download Ryll Education Slax (RELAX) 1.0 for Linux - Your Linux Education System with Slax distribution. - Softpedia It looks that this distro have whole bunch of usefull programs for electronics . I dont...
  11. zlatkoMM

    Aurel Basic programming language

    if you ever want made some programming things and dont know where to start. One of the main uses of Aurel Basic is show how make GUI programs on Windows in easy and simple way. Aurel Basic is BASIC like programming language. Able to produce GUI Win32 programs. Based on simple and easy to...
  12. zlatkoMM

    WireArray 2.4GHz antenna

    Hi.. If you ever want build antenna for wireless network here is one simple design . You only need coper wire for electrical instalation fi 2mm.
  13. zlatkoMM

    TV transmitter pratical

    I've got a video transmitting circuit toany TV set near it.I want to build it for my own sake.But I've heard that It is very difficult to build and the problems occurs in frequency tuning.Is it true?When i've got a ready made circuit,do i still need to doubt on its completion?Can any one suggest...
  14. zlatkoMM

    New electronic simulator program -how made one?

    Hi all... I was wondering is anyone of you here ever try make one simple analog simulator program ? I mean something simple that can present signals like in old workbench with transistors ,diodes,capacitors. I know,i know there out many freeware programs like Swichercad which are free but this...
  15. zlatkoMM

    Pocket FM radio receiver (schematic)

    Pocket FM radio Is anyone see this small weirdo before? Design is very unusual and when i have i will try to build one. I think that will work also with BF566 VHF pnp transistor. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Original text...
  16. zlatkoMM

    How make simple log periodic antenna for TV 4 ch

    log periodic antenna calculator Hi all... I search trough internet and can't find any good manual how make simple log periodic VHF dipol for TV 4 chanel frequency 62.25 Mhz. i only find log periodic antena for VHF/UHF from 6 to 69 chanel.
  17. zlatkoMM

    Junk parts small audio Amplifier

    Junk parts Amp Situation.... What we can do with junk parts from old TV,radios etc.... I made small audio amplifier,here is schematic:
  18. zlatkoMM

    New design of superregen radio

    new superregen Hi all ... This shematic is realy weird it use astabile mutivibrator for regen quenching oscilator. Simple to build. I dont try yet but i will...
  19. zlatkoMM

    Quick start fluorescent lamp 36 W

    quick start fluorescent lamps Hi all ... I need schematic for Quick start fluorescent lamp 36 W. Is there some good and simple tested circuit?
  20. zlatkoMM

    How to build a omni WiFi for 2,4 GHz?

    How build good omni wifi antena for 2,4 GHz?

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