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  1. kanni1303

    CT Connector Self Short

    Hi All, Help me in choosing CT Connector that auto shorts on removal. The secondary terminal of CT should always be short, since we are connecting two meters in one line. very often if we remove CT in one meter then it gets open. Hence needed the connector plug that auto shorts on removal...
  2. kanni1303

    Variable PWM on multiple GPIO

    Hi all, I want to generate variable PWM (to blink LED fade in and fade out) on multiple GPIO pins. With this I could able to get, but the signal generated is sequential. Like A -> B -> C -> D. I want all these should go in parallel. I know that if I use PWM then I can get it. But my...
  3. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] Mplab APP Training folder

    Hi all, I installed Mplab Harmony 1.08, to follow this https://microchipdeveloper.com/harmony:audio-player-lab1 tutorial But I can't find the folder "apps/training/middleware/audio_player/audio_player_lab1/dev_files" also searched for these files...
  4. kanni1303

    Physical and Virtual Address during debugging

    Hi, I came across a problem today here is my code #define NVMEM_ADDRS_PHY 0x1D07000 //Physical address #define NVMEM_ADDRS_VIR 0xBD07000 //Virtual address DWORD Flashval; DWORD *Flashptr; //Working to read the value Flashptr= (DWORD *) NVMEM_ADDRS_VIR; Flashval = (DWORD)...
  5. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] Jumping to an erased location

    Hi, I came across this following code, and my understanding from it as, the particular memory is erased and the same address is pointed by a function. Using this function pointer the address is invoked. my questions is what will the behavior is accessing or jumping to an erased memory, most...
  6. kanni1303

    Status of AC appliances

    Hi, I need to read the status of the AC appliance (FAN, Light etc) how to read in Digital (On or OFF) is there any sensor to read AC switch status.
  7. kanni1303

    Motor power calculation for Swing Gate

    Hi, We are designing RF controlled swing gate open/close controller, we finished the controller part and tested with proto, but we don't know how to calculate power rating for the actual Motor to drive the Swing Gate of about 10ft long, 8ft height and 350KGs. Help me to calculate the power...
  8. kanni1303

    Choose Mixed signal processsor

    Hi, I want to design a controller which capable for capturing the analog signal (from a piezo) and want to process the signal and audio out with assigned sound. Its like music instrument. I tried with pic16f877a to make the comparison, but not able to finish with the audio out part...
  9. kanni1303

    SMART card Specification

    I recently worked with SCOSTA v1.2b spec contact smart card, After understanding the card structure as follows.... The Card has MF(Master File) with security environment EF(elementary file), So a MF 3F00(location of all smart card files are with two bytes...???) with FCP(file control...
  10. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] pickit2 clone vpp error voltage

    I built a pickit 2 clone referring the site i got problem that vpp error voltage I checked the whole board but not able to resolve this, I am getting 4V in vpp Using troubleshoot in PC i found one thing, when I keep voltmeter across pin25 (Vpp_TGT_P) I am able to get 12v in vpp (I thought it...
  11. kanni1303

    Tips to reduce memmory of program

    Hi guys, From all my tutors said assembly language is best than C But I can't learn assembly language now.. I have little knowledge with C... Can you all suggest some tips to reduce the program memory ... I came across one fine example to set a bit we can use int a:1...
  12. kanni1303

    piezo transducer for EDrum

    I am planned to build a project from the following link: https://edrum.info fromt his link I made my PCB circuit.. with a slight changes I made the circuit to work fine with naked crytal(without any cover or others).. and I made a cover to my piezo crystal as attcahed in the photo, this was with...
  13. kanni1303

    PC UPS inverter for home appliances

    Am I able to use the PC ups( mentioned 600VA) board for home. My load will be two fan 60x2 = 120W two tube light 40x2 =80W so total will be 200W. I am not aware of amp ratings since the battery is 12V 7AH approx 60W gives backup less than 20 mins, What happens If I connect some battery with...
  14. kanni1303

    UPS for heavy load 42 Computers

    I need to run my office 42 computers... the office is located in rural madurai and there often power cut... I have generator but the power will shut for 20 mins and come back after that 1 Hr again power cut like this it is going and coming.. so generator is good for using in this place... so I...
  15. kanni1303

    PIC16F877A to PIC16F877A

    i want to send information from one PIC to another.... Temp sensor with LM35 and LCD i worked... now i want to check that one pic to sense temperature by lm35 and the value stored in the variable should be transmitted to another PIC to display the temperature.... can anyone help me....
  16. kanni1303

    MPPT controller for Solar Charger

    can we realize the MPPT technology in programming i going to try for this but i dont know the logic of the MPPT technique so please can You give me the logic and working of the MPPT method...
  17. kanni1303

    Solar Hybrid Inverter

    I am doing my project on hybrid solar inverter... i made the inverter to work and used the modles as listed below... 1. Inverter 2. Solar charger. 3. Ac Main charger. 4. battery level indicator. 5. protection unit for Battery. I got the transformer from my old ups and don't know what are the...
  18. kanni1303

    DC Motor Drive L293D

    I used L293D to run Stepper motor and i did it with Bipolar Stepper Motor successfully... Then i came to know that is Dual H-Bridge Ic that can run DC motor in both directions... then i connected as like the diagram... logic input of 5V and motor supply of 12V with 7805 and 7812 regualtor...
  19. kanni1303

    Run Stepper Motor Fast

    Hi... I am in need to run my stepper motor fast... but i don't know how to run it fast... everyone says increase the PPS but i don't know how to increase it... here is my code... and i am using the PM42L-048 Bipolar stepper motor #include<htc.h> int _XTAL_FREQ=12000000; int i; void forl()...
  20. kanni1303

    [SOLVED] Bipolar stepper motor drive

    I am using 293d for bipolar stepper motor drive and it is not working why i dont know... the coding i used is PORTB=0x05; DelayMs(50); PORTB=0x09; DelayMs(50); PORTB=0x0A; DelayMs(50); PORTB=0x06; DelayMs(50); i tried by changing delay but no use... i found the winding and formulated as per...

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