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  1. prafful

    how does the output from sensors is sensed by micro controllers

    yes dear ...we are all here to share knowledge... generally micro controller reads input as voltage... what voltage you supply to specific pin of mcu... and in other sensor you can use ADC pins to take input from the sensors...
  2. prafful

    Max. O/P currrent....

    As per the Data sheet it shows min current is 1.5A but typically its 2.2 A.. its a huge current to run most of hobby circuits and motors as well... still its depend on the input and output voltage... read the data sheet carefully.. hope you will get the idea..
  3. prafful

    3A voltage regulator IC.

    how much voltage you need ??? please be specify when asking ques here... KA378R05 is the IC you can use... its gives 3A output current and 5V regulated voltage...
  4. prafful

    microcontroller pulse

    dear jaimin, please elaborate your question... generally output depends on your supply voltage... and output for most microcontroller is 5V
  5. prafful

    amplifier for conversion

    dear... can you please post a schematic??? so we can help you... do you want ADC for pulse oximeter sensor ??? why you only need 5v from pulse oximeter sensor?
  6. prafful

    amplifier for conversion

    You can use op-amp for this type of amplification. please Google about non-inverting op-amp and its circuit. you may need gain near to 263.. hope it will work for you.
  7. prafful

    small bussiness in india

    hi, i want to start small manufacturing and prototype business in india. i have one product PIR motion sensor based smart light. i am going to manufacture this in short time. Can anybody suggest me some other product or idea in low in price and useful to everyone. any other suggestion for...
  8. prafful

    speed control of dc motor using 8051

    Hello, there may b many posibility for problem. . I have no idea in assambly language. . I have good hand on BASCOM AVR. . If u need related to it i can help you. . Best luck
  9. prafful

    speed control of dc motor using 8051

    dear pradeep.. go to below link https://forum.allaboutcircuits.com/showthread.php?t=66869 hopw that will help you
  10. prafful

    speed control of dc motor using 8051

    hi pradeep, you can use the pwm(pulse width modulation) to control dc motor. i have made such a project before some time. i have made temperature controlled fan using atmega16 and pwm. best luck.. -prafful sorani
  11. prafful

    avr fuse bit doubt????

    hi.. are you using this?? https://www.engbedded.com/fusecalc/ its a best one available on internet.. as per mr. alexan said u can read your setting on engbedded too...
  12. prafful

    display the adc data register of lpc2138 in lcd display ?

    hello, my dear friend which language you using... i know how to do it in bascom-avr... but not in other... please give some explanation about it.. so other people also can help you... hope for best
  13. prafful

    transistor tutorial configuration biasing

    hi.. please go through this links .. hope that it will help you https://www.allaboutcircuits.com/worksheets/multiamp.html https://ampdesigns.tripod.com/2_Stage_BJT_amplifier.html
  14. prafful

    Welcome everyone

    hi, i m from india.. completed my BE and doing job... AVR is my subject of interest and i do small project with this... by this i can improve my knowledge and get some fun.. this forum is the best thing in INTERNET ever for me...
  15. prafful

    Another book about AVR

    thanks for sharing. i have little old version of this book with 150 pages and mostly about bascom-avr. its a nice and such a helpful book. keep it up
  16. prafful

    avr tutorial in bascom

    hi, how are you all?? i want to learn AVR-mcu.. i have worked on ATmega16 and ATmega8.. i use BASCOM-AVR for programing. its a good language. but the problem is i dont have much literature about this language. i have made speedometer of bike with atmega16 and optical switch and...
  17. prafful

    book related to BASCOM-AVR

    hi, i do programing in BASCOM-AVR. I have little material related to it. 1)BASCOM-programing controller with ease by Claus Kuhnel 2)introduction to mcu and soft desing by MRGS Technology Electronics other web reference. this is not a sufficien i want to learn this software more deeply...
  18. prafful

    suggestion of books for basic electronics

    Electronic Device and Circuit by Robert Boylestad This is the book i strongly recommend to you. this book have copy right so posting link in forum is prohibited. better google about it. and i hope you will surely get soft copy of same. best of luck
  19. prafful

    ac to dc adapter (commercial circuit) explain

    thank you so much. I have google about the switching power supply. it is more efficient. can you tell me the efficiency of the linear power supply?? is it practical to make 24V and 1A switching power supply as project??
  20. prafful

    ac to dc adapter (commercial circuit) explain

    hi, i have made small DC power supply for my project use. But recently i have open an AC/DC Adapter which has the little complex circuit. i dont know why other component needed in this circuit??? can any expert explain it to me.. why so many things needed in this type of circuit???

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