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  1. sudheepsrc

    Which is the PIC compiler using C

    which is the best PIC compiler (in c )? thanks in advance....................................
  2. sudheepsrc

    interfce with DS1307 RTC

    plz help me do project...... in my project using a RTC Ds1307 .But have doubt, plz help meeeee 1) Firstly we entering current calender? 2) IF yes hows that do? thanks in advance .......................
  3. sudheepsrc

    [SOLVED] high voltage level indicator

    sir, i want a circuit that output voltage is 5v when the input supply crosses 230 v ac,(by using comparators).
  4. sudheepsrc

    UsART in pic 16f877 problem with MicroC and proteus

    pic 16f877 interface through USART in MICROC and proteus.but have problems that is below plz help meee... void main() { // Initialize USART module (8 bit, 2400 baud rate, no parity bit..) Usart_Init(2400); do { if (Usart_Data_Ready()) { // If data is received // Read...
  5. sudheepsrc

    [SOLVED] pic 16F877 interface with 24c02c problem.....

    sir, the code is not working with this HW in proteus and can't see the data 0x10h why??? void main() { for(;;) { TRISB=0; // set PORTB to be input I2C_Init(100000); I2C_Start(); I2C_Wr(0xA2); I2C_Wr(0x04); I2C_Wr(0x10); I2C_Stop(); Delay_ms(10)...
  6. sudheepsrc

    i2c interfacing code in microC

    plz help me,,,,,,,,,, void main(){ PORTB = 0; TRISB = 0; I2C_Init(100000); I2C_Start(); // Issue I2C start signal I2C_Wr(0xA2); // Send byte via I2C (command to 24cO2) I2C_Wr(2); // Send byte (address of EEPROM location) I2C_Wr(0xF0)...
  7. sudheepsrc

    Where can I get full AT command sets?

    Where can i get full AT command sets?. . . Plz help me . . . . Thank you advance. . . . .
  8. sudheepsrc

    how make simple PIC 16F programmer

    how make simple PIC 16F programmer
  9. sudheepsrc

    how connect gsp and microcontroller

    how connect gsp and microcontroller
  10. sudheepsrc

    any circuit can't made using op-amp

    any circuit can't made using op-amp
  11. sudheepsrc

    why don't use microprocessor in airconditioner

    why don't use microprocessor in airconditioner
  12. sudheepsrc

    What is bootloader in PIC

    What is bootloader in PIC
  13. sudheepsrc

    2 i2c support pic microcontroller

    sir , in my project have two i2c ic that is i2c memory and RTC but i don't know how interfacing both in PIC microcontroller plz help meeeeeeeeee
  14. sudheepsrc

    help me to do this project GSM Energy meter

    GSM Energy meter hai my friends....... plz help me to do my project gsm energy meter and how interface microcontroller and mobile?

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