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  1. prafful

    small bussiness in india

    hi, i want to start small manufacturing and prototype business in india. i have one product PIR motion sensor based smart light. i am going to manufacture this in short time. Can anybody suggest me some other product or idea in low in price and useful to everyone. any other suggestion for...
  2. prafful

    avr tutorial in bascom

    hi, how are you all?? i want to learn AVR-mcu.. i have worked on ATmega16 and ATmega8.. i use BASCOM-AVR for programing. its a good language. but the problem is i dont have much literature about this language. i have made speedometer of bike with atmega16 and optical switch and...
  3. prafful

    book related to BASCOM-AVR

    hi, i do programing in BASCOM-AVR. I have little material related to it. 1)BASCOM-programing controller with ease by Claus Kuhnel 2)introduction to mcu and soft desing by MRGS Technology Electronics other web reference. this is not a sufficien i want to learn this software more deeply...
  4. prafful

    ac to dc adapter (commercial circuit) explain

    hi, i have made small DC power supply for my project use. But recently i have open an AC/DC Adapter which has the little complex circuit. i dont know why other component needed in this circuit??? can any expert explain it to me.. why so many things needed in this type of circuit???
  5. prafful

    Bascom-avr uart confusion

    hi, I have little confusion with uart using BASCOM-AVR. I have made circuit to calculate RMP of motor with use of Atmega16 and optical interrupt switch. It display on 16x2 lcd as well as on terminal emulator of BASCOM. When i power on motor it shows o/p on display instantly and on terminal...
  6. prafful

    [SOLVED] what are the logic level for counter in avr MCU???

    hi.. i m using atmega16 and atmega8.. i m counting some external pulse from optical detector(optical interrupter) but it giving o/p in high as 3.5v and low as 0v. i want to know what is the logic volage level for counter in avr mcu... i mean what is the minimum voltage required to make...
  7. prafful

    12v 5ah to 5v 200ma power supply

    hello, I want to built power supply 5V dc to run mcu(max 200ma current). as a input i want to give the supply from my bike's battery 12V 5AH. i dont know how to convert DC to DC. thanks in advance..
  8. prafful

    [SOLVED] atmega16a bascom counter not work

    hi. i want to count external pulse for my atmega16A. here is my code $regfile = "m16def.dat" $crystal = 8000000 Const Tick = 10 Dim Y As Byte Config Lcd = 16 * 2 Config Lcdpin = Pin , Db4 = Porta.4 , Db5 = Porta.5 , Db6 = Porta.6 , Db7 = Porta.7 Config Lcdpin = Pin , E = Porta.2 , Rs =...
  9. prafful

    [SOLVED] atmega16a runs on 1Mhz even with any crystal

    Hello all, I am making some programs in ATMEGA16A with bascom-avr. when i put delay for 1Sec it takes much(8sec) delay with 8Mhz and (16sec) with 16Mhz crystal. After some time i have note that its by default working on 1Mhz clock. when i have remove crystal its also working on 1Mhz. I can't...
  10. prafful

    [SOLVED] help in code for BASCOM-AVR digital speedometer in bike

    i need help in write code. how to set counter, to count external hardware pulse?? at rate of 1Hz. i need code for Bascom-avr. i want to make digital speedometer using ATmega16 and reed-relay switch(for counting rotation of wheel).

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