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    Looking for good quality toroid transformer manufacturer in China

    I am looking for a good quality transformer manufacturer in China. I need to manufacture dc-dc boost toroid (12V to 40V push pull) transformer for commercial use. My present manufacturer didn't satisfy me as there is lot of leakage inductance which is causing trouble. Does anybody know any...

    Inductive Spike for Push-Pull car audio supply

    I am facing this problem, which is causing the two push-pull MOSFET to extreme stresses. I am using this to power TAS5630 amp. the boost converter is converting the 12V DC voltage to 36V DC (unregulated). As this is a car amplifier so the battery voltage can be 10V to 14.5V. Everything is ok...

    Need help finding a I2C chip

    Is there any I2C chip available which will do the following functions as attached image ?

    Need reference design of a 5V 80W to 100W DC SMPS

    Can anybody give me a reference design of a flyback 5V 18A or more DC supply with 115V AC input ? I searched the chip manufacturer side but only got of 12V. :(

    Need to select appropriate sensor.

    I would like to make a device which will make alarm if the driver tries to get out of his driving seat. I cant use any sensor in the cushion as I have to set the sensor outside of the seat. Can you guys give me idea, what could be an appropriate sensor for this purpose ?

    Freelancing in Electronics

    What is the best freelancing website (like www.odesk.com) for doing electronics related job ? pcb design, micorocontroller projects, electronic circuit design, consultancy etc.

    Need code/hex file for Sukam 600VA digital inverter

    I have an Sukam 600VA inverter in my home. As the unit become damaged suddenly, so i have decided to repair it. after couple of investigation what i found, all mosfet got damaged, all driver transistor got damaged and the PIC16F72 chip got damaged also. I have changed all of the components. but...

    Compaq CQ61-231TU Display Problem

    I have facing an unusual problem in my laptop. Sometimes the display works, sometimes it does not. All I can see is a faint image during boot-up, when the problem arises. I have uploaded a video so that you can understand what the problem is .. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2uRzFhQwkio...

    SMPS Ferrite Core from UK

    I need to know some SMPS tx ferrite core model from Farnell UK/ Rs Online UK. I wanna use them for building 200W-700W DC power supply and 500W-4000W sine wave inverter. pls suggest me appropriate part no...

    Need English datasheet of EG8010

    I tried google translator to translate, but the translation was so poor. Does anybody have the English vsn of the EG8010 datasheet ? Sad https://download.21dianyuan.com/download.php?id=89916

    PFC with pure DC input

    What will be the output voltage in this ckt, if I give pure 340V DC input ? At DC, pf=1, so will it be as same as input ? Is there any harm for giving pure DC instead of AC in the ckt ? Normally shape of the voltage after the diode bridge is like halfwave sine. but what will happen if I apply...

    ATX power supply books.

    I didn't find any thread for Ebooks, So I decided to place it here. Moderator, pls move to appropriate thread if I am wrong. These are the ATX power supply books. The language is unknown to me (may be Russian)... May be helpful to others, not to me ! Sad If anybody have English vsn of these...

    Thermaltake 750W ATX power supply

    This is output section of Thermaltake 750W ATX power supply. Can somebody explain what is the role of this ckt in +5V rail ? - - - Updated - - - Two transistor forward topology is used here in the primary. I don't have the whole schematic, also looking for it :(

    2SK1304 MOSFET replacement in a forklift.

    I have found 7 damaged MOSFET 2SK1304 (all of them are in parallel) in a FET compartment in a Nichiyu Forklift. this FET compartment is used to drive travel motor (4KW DC). from the datasheet I have found, they are rated at 100V, 40A continuous, .025 Ohms MOSFET with back to back Gate zener...

    [Moved] Oscilloscope for Power Electronics

    I want to buy an oscilloscope for analyzing power electronics waveform. So it should be of atleast 50Mhz bandwidth if analog or of 500Ms/sec atleast for DSO. Problem is that I m student and cant afford much money for this. My budget is about 500-700 US $. Pls recommend some name and model of...

    Electronic Parts market in Kualalampur, Malaysia

    I am from Bangladesh and will go to Malaysia next month. I want to buy Oscilloscope, Digital Multimeter and some microcontroller there in Kualalampur but don't know where is the parts market situated. :( Please help me by giving address to the parts market where I will be able to buy...

    Need help for Pure Sine Wave Inverter

    After some study I hv decided to design a 1000 Watt pure sine wave inverter. I need advice from the Power Electronics Experts (LOL!) in this forum for the following issues.... Smiley 1) I have chosen to use 12V DC >>> PUSH-PULL>>> 400V DC >>> SWITCHING H-BRIDGE>>> 220V AC WITH HARMONICS >>>...

    Programming DS89C430 and DS89C450.

    How can I transfer .hex file to this µcontroller ? Searched some previous topics abt these µc but couldn't find my answer.... Please help

    Suggest me to choose micro.

    I am going to order some samples of freescale uc. I am a beginner in uc and have experience only in proton and PIC. Please suggest me some chip I can start with and order from freescale....:|:|:|

    pcad and altium and pads

    what's the diff between p-cad and altium designer. ...? which is the manufacturer of pads2007 ?

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