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  1. mastertushar

    12V 7.2 AH Sealed lead acid battery charger circuit needed

    I search on the forum but cant find satisfactory answer. Therefore creating this new thread. I have 12V 7.2 AH Sealed lead acid battery and want to make a charging circuit from a transformer. please suggest me a simple and best circuit which will give right charging current and voltage. No PWM...
  2. mastertushar

    small boost converter help

    hi i want to design an boost conveter in range 4.3v to 7.1 volts .. ouput 15v at current of 750mA .. plz suggest me any circuit.. and i have to drive all circuitary on input supply only.. i.e.4.3v to 7.1 volts only no bias supply ..
  3. mastertushar

    Help me for simple led drive circuit

    i have 6 volt 4.5Ah battery and want to drive 30 White LED 5mm each LED @ 40mA current with constant current . but my problem is that i have not to use any inductor in the circuit. plz suggest me any circuit. see image i have to give regulated 4 volt to this array from 6 volt battery
  4. mastertushar

    interface PIC16F628A with compute

    i have made this project Heart rate measurement from fingertip :Embedded Lab now i want to show same result on pc also and want to save it for different persons .. can it be possible? if yes plz help me..
  5. mastertushar

    Identify Tx and Rx from IR LED pair

    hi i have brought IR LD pair so plz tell me how i can identify which one is transmitter and receiver.. Note: one LED is blackish and one is transparent
  6. mastertushar

    Make antenna for 3g usb data modem

    Hi, I have ZTE MF631 usb 3g data modem having an external port for connecting antenna . that port is CRC9 connector .. the professional antenna available in the market are to expensive too buy .. so i want to make an home made antenna .. i have that CRC9 connector and aluminum wire.. see...
  7. mastertushar

    WHere to get PAD 2007 libraries

    hi i want library (Components Decal) for PADs 2007.. for following types.. common compounents ... diode 4007 or 1N4148... ect and for microchip PIC and dsPIC .. thanx in advance .... waiting..
  8. mastertushar

    Help to programm PIC18F2550 with Winpic with Art2003

    hi i m making Pickit2 clone from this wesite .. ElectronicsADvices: VDD power delivering Pickit2 ... i have made hardware .. no problem of hardware.. many people has made it and it is working successfully.. but for making it we need to program PIC18F2550 first ... i m using winpic and Art2003...
  9. mastertushar

    HELP For Thermistor signal conditioning circuit

    Hi .. i have to make a signal conditioning ckt for thermistor... so i want to get voltage output in standard range... as thermistor resistance changes according to temperature... plz help me.. i am doing an college project.. requirement is to use a Instrumentation amplifier in the ckt.. can...
  10. mastertushar

    compiling code for dsPIC

    i m interested about designing smps and sine waves inverters using dsPIC.. so i have downloaded many reference designs from their wesites it contains many files as i m attaching images of it..there are many .c files and MPLab files but i cant understant how to compile it and make one HEX file...
  11. mastertushar

    [solved]Hlp me for calculating value of Resistance and its w

    i have made the following circuit attached below .. i used a Philips 18 Watt CFL ckt to connect two 8watt tube as given below.. but 8+8=16watt and clt made for 18w.. so the tubes are glowing but their brightness is quite briter .. so i connect a unknown resistance between two tubes as see in...
  12. mastertushar

    Help me choose a DSC and a programmer for it

    hi .. i want to make Digital Smps by using Digital Signal Controller ... there are many company making DSC(Digital Signal Controller)... like texas i, microchip.. ect.. plz tell me if anyone doing it already.. 1)which DSC is better to use ?? 2)i know the basic of SMPS actually i m designing it...
  13. mastertushar

    [req]interface dc voltage to pc

    hi a want to interface small varying dc voltage to conputer by and port and i want to use it in visual basic to do further action .. my varying voltage say 0 to 5 v or 0 to 10v dc ,,.. can anybody help me for this using any microcon. like pic... thanx in advance

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