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  1. kmegamind

    [SOLVED] using design ware library in synopsys design compiler

    I have searched in my synopsys/dw path but coudn't find the dw_foundation.sldb what to do ?
  2. kmegamind

    [SOLVED] using design ware library in synopsys design compiler

    I am trying to use the barrel shifter provider by the design ware library so i am using this code which i copied from the examples coming with the library library IEEE,DWARE,DWARE; use IEEE.std_logic_1164.all; use DWARE.DWpackages.all; use DWARE.DW_foundation_comp.all; entity...
  3. kmegamind

    Buses not showing in Xilinx ISE RTL schematic

    Thnx But technology schematic show the look up tables I want to see the design with all of its buses in the register level How can i do that ? And why are certain buses trimmed and other appear ?
  4. kmegamind

    Buses not showing in Xilinx ISE RTL schematic

    in Xilinx ise, when i view the RTL schematic of a module, some buses are connected between the i/o ports and the module and other buses are not connected, what is the reason for this ? This is an example for what i mean : Select signal and output are not connected, while the rest is.
  5. kmegamind

    Building memory design using design compiler

    I want to build a simple memory module in design compiler How can I write the VHDL or Verilog code in order for the compiler to build the module using SRAM cells ? Is there a tutorial or an open source code for a memory module than can be compiled to produce an actual design with SRAM cells ...
  6. kmegamind

    Multi-port memory compiler

    I need to implement an on chip multi-port memory in a design Is there a multi-port memory compiler than can generate a cache with more than 2 ports ?, or do i need to code it myself ?
  7. kmegamind

    ARM Program counter error

    Thank you for this explanation. i am just starting to learn ARM so i am running the example programs i find in the book i am learning from So when i run this code: AREA Hex_Out,CODE,READONLY SWI_WriteC EQU &0 SWI_Exit EQU &11 ENTRY LDR r1, VALUE BL HexOut SWI SWI_Exit VALUE DCD...
  8. kmegamind

    ARM Program counter error

    I have this line in my code : MOV PC, r14 It gives an error : warning: A1608W: MOV pc,<rn> instruction used, but BX <rn> is preferred So i change it to : MOV BX, r14 It gave this : error: A1647E: Bad register name symbol, expected Integer register help please :)
  9. kmegamind

    4 Resistor MOSFET P-MOS

    Vgs = Vg - Vs so it's the voltage rise from the source to gate you can say it's like an arrow pointing from S to G so in the equation you wrote it's Vsg not Vgs , as u pass by G then S on your way from GND to VDD (voltage rise is from gate to source).
  10. kmegamind

    sample an unknown signal in matlab

    I guess that's what you are looking for : https://www.mathworks.com/help/control/ref/c2d.html Another simple code is here (if you know the formula of the function) https://www.edaboard.com/threads/17070/
  11. kmegamind

    How to sense mV range signal with ADC with Vref+=3.3V?

    If your ADC was 10 bit resolution then u can sense a change of 3.3/(2^10) \[\approx\] 3.2 mv so u can represent your signal in 150/3.2 \[\approx\] 47 steps, u can use ADC directly if this step is fine by you, or u can amplify the signal to span the full possible 1024 steps, u can do this by a...
  12. kmegamind

    4 Resistor MOSFET P-MOS

    I solved this starting from the loop equation from GND to VDD through VGS, u get VGS = 2ID - 4 , substitute in the ID - VGS relation, get ID and VGS , that should be 0.608 and -2.784 , get VDS from the remaining loop (-6.9) the other value yields VDS < VGS-VTP
  13. kmegamind

    ARM assembler for ubuntu GUI

    Sorry i am new to linux, What i meant was an assembler with GUI interface on ubuntu, Some thing like Code blocks but with an assembler instead of a compiler only.
  14. kmegamind

    ARM assembler for ubuntu GUI

    Is there an ARM GUI assembler for ubuntu 12.04 ?, please provide a link or installation commands
  15. kmegamind

    how to serve INT0, while INT1 is servicing.

    You will have to re-set the global interrupt flag : place sei(); before jumping to a vector table and check this too(the nested interrupts section) : https://www.nongnu.org/avr-libc/user-manual/group__avr__interrupts.html
  16. kmegamind

    [SOLVED] Behavioral model or structural model ?

    I am currently learning VHDL, And i understand the difference between behavioral and structural modeling, But i want to know which is better in synthesis (creates a more optimized code) ?, And on what basis should i select a certain model to work with ?
  17. kmegamind

    [SOLVED] maximum pixel intensity

    For matlab use this : https://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/ref/max.html or in C use nested for loops on row and coloumns
  18. kmegamind

    [SOLVED] 16_bit_struct to int convertion

    your same issue is here, it should help : https://www.avrfreaks.net/index.php?name=PNphpBB2&file=viewtopic&t=72497
  19. kmegamind

    Program counter in arm assembler uvision

    arm assembler Reset_Handle ,__Vectors errors in uvision I am starting to learn ARM assembly using Uvision, So i am trying to run this code : AREA Hex_Out, CODE,READONLY ;SWI_WriteC EQU &0 ;output character in r0 ;SWI_Exit EQU &11 ;finish program ENTRY...

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