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  1. jwfan

    Strange Bode Plot form a constant on time DC-DC Converter

    Hello, We got a strange bode plot for a constant on time DC-DC Buck converter. This converter shows the phase crosses the zero line at low frequency. This attached waveform is the simulation results of Simplis. the network analyzer shown the similar result. Both transient simulation and test...
  2. jwfan

    0.2V Bandgap used in LM10 circuit calculation help

    lm10 band gap calculation Hi, guys, I want to understand the bandgap circuit used in lm10, which is designed by Widlar in 70s. But it's not so easy. I upload the simplified circuit here. Hope you can help me. The circuit is below, Thanks a lot
  3. jwfan

    Could you help me for the 32-QFN leadframe diagram?

    32-qfn footprint If you happens to have a 32-QFN leadframe diagram, could you send it to me. I need to draw a bonding diagram. Thanks a lot!
  4. jwfan

    VerilogA model of monostable block

    veriloga absdelay Hi, guys, I want to write a model using VerilogA for a monostable. But I cannot find the suitable delay statement for the pulse width of the monostable. Can somebody help me? Thanks a lot. B. F.
  5. jwfan

    Bandgap circuit question

    in cmos process, we use the PNP to generate the Vbe and ΔVbe, Can we use a simple diode to replace the PNPs? Thanks a lot, Jiwei
  6. jwfan

    why the active feedback amplifier has high bandwidth?

    active feedback amplifier gilbert In the attached papar, Gilbert said: the AFA can provides accurate performance right up to its unity-gain frequency. Why? Does anyone has any idea about this? the model of the active feedback amplifier is shown in figure 3 of the attached paper. Thanks a...
  7. jwfan

    Error about DRC check tool

    check drc version failed with error Hi, guys, I have an error when I try to run the Chameleon tool in cadence for the layout DRC Check. it looks like this: *** Error: FlexLM was unable to grant authorization to use the 'Chameleon_Basic' feature. Possible reasons are ...
  8. jwfan

    Power Inductor on chip or in package for DC-DC Converter

    Does someone have some experience on the Power Inductor built on chip or in package with the controller? I want the inductor in package to make a small converter. Thanks a lot.
  9. jwfan

    How to input an "A" with a bar in Cadence

    Hi, guys, How can I input an "A" with a bar on the head of A in Cadence? Thanks a lot jwfan
  10. jwfan

    Text color in Waveform of Analog Artist

    I want to change the color of the label and number of x and y axes. How can I do that? Thx
  11. jwfan

    How to determine the optimized size for mosfet?

    I want to build a current mirror to handle 200u current. for 0.5u process, how to determine the optimized width of the device? Thanks Benjamin
  12. jwfan

    Why is the OTA used in current-mode control for dc-dc

    I find that in most current mode controller, the OTA is used for the error amplifier instead of the OpAmp. What's the benefit of using OTA? Thanks

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