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  1. amol_shah

    [moved] How to use communications I2C, SPI AND UART in single program ARDUINO UNO

    Dont think it's a Delay problem. It Could be a SRAM memory problem. check: https://learn.adafruit.com/memories-of-an-arduino/measuring-free-memory
  2. amol_shah

    Automatic Door Materials.

    Yes you can use any door material as per your requirement. All you require is the mechanical assembly and motor with sufficient torque for opening and closing the door
  3. amol_shah

    Ultrasonic for Parking control solution

    Basically SRF485 is a ultrasonic sensor Module with Ultrasonic Sensor + Microcontroller + 485 communication IC. So if you are having trouble in using SRF485 you can use SRF05 some come controller like Arduino and a TTL to 485 Converter Module or MAX485 IC which will measure the distance and...
  4. amol_shah

    Sim900 Reset Problem

    It could be because the power supply is not able to provide the required current. What is your transformer/adapter rating? Also add a large value of decoupling capacitor abt 470uf.
  5. amol_shah

    Class Project Problem

    Check this link to interface relay to any controller using this you can interface a 5v relay to your selected controller. for remote interfacing you can use a remote with RC5 protocol decode the received signal and then take necessary action.
  6. amol_shah

    [SOLVED] Need a GPS Module with which i can locate the location of my device??

    check the online shop from this link: https://www.dnatechindia.com they have variety of GPS Module(Quectel, Circomm, fastrack, MT3329) from which you can select. Contact them and they will help you in selecting the required GPS Module
  7. amol_shah

    pls suggest a way to the interfacing

    Yes it is very easy to use this module consider this module as a replacement to your wired communication no need to change the code for it.
  8. amol_shah

    can anyone give me the program for full duplex UART communication in 8051

    check this link for **broken link removed** and for code in assembly
  9. amol_shah

    LCD connections and interfacing with PC by using 89c52 (Atmel MCU)

    The addresses for 4 line lcd is as follows: line1: 80h to 94h line2: 0C0h to 0C4h line3: 95h to A9h line4: 0c5h to D9h
  10. amol_shah

    gas sensor interface with AT89s52

    MQ135 is a sensor with analog o/p you cannot connect it directly to the controller so you will require an external ADC or you can make a simple comparator circuit using op amp and give the digital o/p to the controller
  11. amol_shah

    LCD connections and interfacing with PC by using 89c52 (Atmel MCU)

    check following links: LCD Interfacing C code for LCD Interfacing
  12. amol_shah

    pls suggest a way to the interfacing

    I am not sure if I can provide my contact info directly over here but You can get my contact information over **broken link removed**
  13. amol_shah

    Interfacing any mobile with microcontroller 8052 (at89s series)

    you can buy GSM Module online from **broken link removed**....it has both TTL and RS232 output so you can connect it directly to any micro controller
  14. amol_shah

    Wireless Trans-Reception of Digital Voltage/Current/Power

    there are various wireless communication medium that you can go for and depending upon the budget, range required and application you can select the communication medium. Here is what you can go for: **broken link removed**: Less range and costly but secured Zigbee : Medium Range and Low...
  15. amol_shah

    Interfacing any mobile with microcontroller 8052 (at89s series)

    You can connect it via bluetooth.....connect a bluetooth module having ttl interface like **broken link removed**
  16. amol_shah

    [SOLVED] LCD interfacing problem

    just write a simple code to display 'hello world' on the lcd and check if its working.......maybe your other code (interrupt) is causing some problem...
  17. amol_shah

    [SOLVED] LCD interfacing problem

    you are getting garbage data on lcd or none at all? Is the first like complete black? Also post the complete practical circuit that you have implemented.....
  18. amol_shah

    [SOLVED] LCD interfacing problem

    Add small delay between clr rw and setb e and clr e
  19. amol_shah

    [SOLVED] wants to buy rfid reader and tag of 125khz

    You can order online from **broken link removed**, They have all three version i.e. RFID Module, TTL RFID reader (serial and Wiegand output), RS232 RFID reader.
  20. amol_shah

    Wired moving tennis ball picking robot

    the you just need few **broken link removed**, no need of controller

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