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  1. TEHb

    How to do cosimulation in Matlab???

    Re: PROTEUS ,PROTEUS Please refer to the original web address when you publish any models or information!!!
  2. TEHb

    Proteus LPT Port Physical interface model

    proteus+lpt You can download my LPTPIM model from my page https://undongle.newmail.ru
  3. TEHb

    dotNET Classes Bridge for Proteus ISIS VSM

    I've just released beta-version of dotNET Classes Bridge for Proteus ISIS VSM. It allows to create models for Proteus VSM on any .NET programming language. You can download it from my page https://undongle.newmail.ru. Best regards, Andrew.
  4. TEHb

    Why LAN91C111 is more expensive than W3100A?

    Re: LAN91C111 vs. W3100A LAN91C111 is a 100MBit/s speed chip
  5. TEHb

    External mem and Proteus simulation?

    proteus simulation for external ram Try to erase .pwi file. It contains the EEPROM image during simulation.
  6. TEHb

    How to erase PIC16C73A using UV Erasing ?

    Re: UV Erasing PIC16C73A PIC16C73A have advanced security feature with security bits placed under the metall layer. There is no way to erase 73A with security bits set.
  7. TEHb

    Who have the proteus VSM model?

    ... available soon from Labcenter.
  8. TEHb

    Where to get new VSM proteus libraries?

    tba.lib proteus https://homepage.ntlworld.com/vsm.libs/ https://undongle.newmail.ru
  9. TEHb

    Proteus 6.2 SP4 code size limitation?

    Also Proteus Lite have 1K code size limitation.
  10. TEHb

    Who have the proteus VSM model?

    mr. Zenner you can ask DS1820 model at https://www.advdigitaltech.com/services/proteus.php. It is "available soon" at least a half year. Maybe they have a beta-version?
  11. TEHb

    Just released the Microphone model for Proteus

    proteus microphone Yes it is a realtime model. I have tested it with real microphone and CD player. The sample model is the microphone connected to the oscilloscope and the speaker so you can to see and listen what you say.
  12. TEHb

    Just released the Microphone model for Proteus

    microphone in proteus You can download it from ...[link removed - suspicious]
  13. TEHb

    New Proteus LPT Port Access Model

    Hi friends! You can download LPTPIM model from my page https://undongle.newmail.ru. Andrew.[/code]
  14. TEHb

    New Proteus RTL8019AS Model

    proteus new examples Hi all! I have just designed Proteus model of RTL8019AS - Realtek Network Ethernet Controller. You can download it from https://undongle.newmail.ru
  15. TEHb

    proteus and serial com. part

    rs485 proteus simulation In my opinion if to connect RS-485 board into computer the standard COMPIM (RS-232) will work in RS485 mode on this port.
  16. TEHb

    proteus and the print out signal

    Press <Print Screen>, paste it in Paintbrush and print! :)
  17. TEHb


    isis external input proteus Hi all! It is better to download latest versions of my models from my site - undongle.newmail.ru Andrew.
  18. TEHb


    undongle.newmail.ru. Hi All! Ok, I'll fix it. My new site address is https://undongle.newmail.ru
  19. TEHb

    Links to some Proteus VSM models

    step motor proteus It is for simple models, which human can describe in a PSPICE or logical scheme. For a complex models VERY heavy to make the scheme. For this ones only one way - to create .DLL models.

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