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    Problem with voltage divider circuit on PCB

    Re: voltage divider circuit You tested your circuit with breadboard carefully. But you took in account the values of source and load resistor? When you check you circuit with breadboard, did you measure your output with load condition? If did, I am sure that the result on PCB or breadboard is...
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    Where can I find Win XP DDK?

    I'm a new learner of writing driver, but I using WIN XP OS and I don't have WIN XP DDK. I've WIN 2000 DDK, but i don't know what difference between the twos. Does anyone know whether I can use WIN 2000 DDK in writing driver in Win XP? or where I can get WINXP DDK? Thanks in advance.
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    Basic concept of roots and poles in filters

    Re: Filter Design After all, you should read this book "Network Theory and Filter Design" and "Continuous Time Active Filter Design", but the later is better and easy to understand. If you read the second book, you should read completely from beginning to end. I used to read the later book to...
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    Does anyone know where to buy part?

    Sorry if I post this in wrong place. Does anyone know where I can buy parts (Eg. An2121, PDUSB12...). Because I live in VietNam and VietNam market don't buy many part as other contries. Another reason is I can't order part I need from manufacturers due to they don't deliver part with small...
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    Which do you prefer in analog circuit design ?

    I agree with you this point. But, choosing between current or voltage not only depend on which kind of application, but also which freq. you want to design. Eg.: when you want to design a high freq. communication system, it's obviously that voltage amplitude is quite small; but for some certain...
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    Where to start using SoftIce program

    I have SoftIce program using to writing driver in Window, but I don't know where I have to start. Becauce it relates to many aspects, even architecture & operation of operating system. So, do I need study and have knowledge about these aspects before I begin wrting driver. If anyboby...
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    quetion in serial communication with at89c52

    You transmitted and received successfully from your series port, but how you set up your series port rate? Baud rate of series port should be equal to baud rate of uC. If you set up series port rate too high, you can transmit or receive data at MAX232, but you uC may not receive? So, you should...
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    Need Schematic of Proview Monitor

    This site request user name and Password. How can i access it.
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    Parallel Port Address?

    I think you want to get the address of parallel port while programming? If so, you get this by VB via using API function that Window provide. If you want to know more how to use API function in VB, you can find books about Advanced VB programming
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    quetion in serial communication with at89c52

    I think choosing freq. of crystal is not inportant. It's more important that at what baud rate you want to communicate with series port. Once you determined baud rate you need, then you can choose what crystal should be used. Further detail about how to calculate baud rate can be found in some...
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    Radio Freq. Beginner. HELP!

    I think you should read some book first. There are some book introducing many basic concepts, practical aspects of RF design practical circuit design. You can find in books: "Fundamental of RF Circuit Design with low noise oscillators" and "RF Design Guide System, Circuit, and Equations"
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    Help me design class c amplifier at 5MHz

    Re: class c I nearly miss. You want to design a class-C power amplifier or amplifier used for process RF signal (mix, multiply freq...).
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    Help me design class c amplifier at 5MHz

    Re: class c I think you should find this in many book about designing RF circuits. Such as " Fundermentals of RF circuit design" or some book. I don't remember now but I will send the address to you later.
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    Documents about implementing USB based devices for beginners

    Re: USB beginner So, you already have this ebook "USB design by example". Could you share it to me!!! Now, I had other book about USB, but they almost help me in understanding USB protocol. And I'm vey confused where I can find a full ilustrated book in design a USB device. And I also lack of...
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    Need Schematic of Proview Monitor

    I'm sorry if i post this at wrong place. I truly need schematic of Proview monitor, but I can't find it anywhere. Do anybody instruct me where to get it. Thanks and expecting your reply. Moved to service manuals /Cluricaun
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    Need Schematic of Proview Monitor

    I'm sorry if this post is in wrong place. But currently, I truly need schematic of Proview monitor, I can't find this at any other sites. Can any body tell me where I may get it. Thanks and expecting your reply.[/b]
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    difference between sequential and combinational architecture

    difference b/w combinational & sequential circuit I have been only thinking that one architecture having feedback paths will be Sequencial Architecture. In other hand , a architecture not having any feedbacks path will be considered to be a Combinational Architecture.
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    Documents about implementing USB based devices for beginners

    make usb beginner Do you have book "USB design by Example". Please post or give the address of this ebook. Thanks.
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    Looking for books on how to design USB device

    Re: How to design USB device Now, I had a book named Developing USB Peripherals Using the Intel 8x930Ax USB Microcontroller - Annakooks using for designing USB 1.0. But it's not sufficient for me to start. And I can't find some References of this book (8x930Ax USB Microcontroller Manuals)...
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    Looking for books on how to design USB device

    Re: How to design USB device I mean that some material about designing hardware interface and building software ( include driver and application software). If anyone have some books or useful site, please issue.

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