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    CJMCU-9833 english manual needed

    Hi all, I've had (for a very good price) an oscillator CJMCU-9833 based on AD9833. All the sellers on the I-net provide the same Baidu link, as the address of the manual. Needless to say: I cannot download this manual. My question is: could someone, please, send me the manual for this module...
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    [moved] how to calculate a push-pull amplifier with transistors

    Hi guys, I have a very stupid question, the kind only a beginner could ask (sorry for wasting your time). Believe you me, if I had found this kind of information on Google, I wouldn't bother you. I want to learn how to calculate an amplifier form a data-sheet. Could someone point me to some...
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    how to build an ultrasonic generator

    Hi friends, I bought an ultrasonic transmitter, with no model number. The only reference I have is : ultrasonic speaker 38mm horn. In the specifications, I found that it works for frequencies between 9 khz and 46 khz (yes, I'm as astonished as you are). My problem is that I do not know how to...

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