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    Inrush current limiter

    Hello, I have a 24V/6A dc power supply. When I apply this power supply to my circuit ( a diode bridge and 470MF capacitor) it produces sparks. I am going to use a NTC (about 10ohm). Based on my space limitation I can't use a relay to bypass this NTC after a second. I am worried about placing...
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    EMC circuit protector

    Hello, I need to know how to protect my circuit from EMC test. My input voltage is 24V(3A) and after a pole diode( for preventing from reverse voltage) and TVS diode it goes to my regulator(MinMax dc-dc). How can I increse my protection?
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    A hole for Plastic pin of ethernet connector

    Hello, Here the ethernet connector(https://www.kosmodrom.com.ua/pdf/HR911105A.pdf) that I am going to implement in Altium. I need to know that for plastic connector (phi=3.25) if my configuration is right. (hole size=3.25 , X/Y for round shape=2.5)
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    Updating footprint in PCB window after being changed in PCB library

    Hello, I designed my board in Altium designer. After checking the DRC I had to change a clearance in my PCB library. Howeve after doing that, updating my schematic librar and schematic, there was nothing to update into PCB window( it means changing a size,clearance, ... in PCB library which...
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    Changing room and component positions in Altium

    Hello, Here is my PCB file. I need to know why P1_1 and U2_1 don't move by changing their room position. In addition by selecting all components again, they don't move.(ROOM name :TCP1) Thank you.
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    Altium limitation in PCB window

    Hello, I need to know why I can't move my cursor more than -180 on the x-axis? Altium 20.
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    stm32f103c8t6 vs stm32f103cbt6 vs stm32f103c8t6 vs stm32f103re6

    Hello, I will appreciate if you could let me know the differences between stm32f103c8t6 vs stm32f103cbt6 vs stm32f103c8t6 vs stm32f103re6?
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    HanRun RJ45 pins postition

    Hello, In this picture I can't find the X position of pins of 1,3,5,7. I will thankful if you could help me. HanRUn911105A
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    Help me to detect an IC in a circuit

    Hello, In an encoder I guess this highlighted IC damaged but I can't find its part number correctly to see its datasheet. I am grateful if you could help me.
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    Class B wave form problem

    Hello, I am going to see the output waveform of class B amplifier. First of all, I tested this circuit For low frequency (200Hz-200Khz) I see this waveform at the output. But by increasing the frequency value up to 2Mhz, I see the input frequency exactly at the output without any disturbance(...
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    Frequency Multipier in ADS

    Hello, I have designed and simulated a frequency multiplier in ADS but my result is not acceptable. My Frequency multiplier conversion loss is shown below. Here is my circuit. Here is my settings. why the third and fifth harmonics of Frequency multiplier aren't the same? Because and regarding...
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    Reliable GPS and Compass sensors

    Hello, I want to know what is the best and reliable GPS and compass sensors to connect to a micro-controller? Thanks
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    Bypass dc signal which is accompanied with a low frequency sinusoidal signal

    Hi, I have two signals that I need to block one of them (DC signal). The input signal is something like this: Vin=VDC+Vac*Sin(2*pi*5*t) 1 millivolt<VDC<5 millivolt , .01 millivolt<Vac<.05 millivolt I wanted to use a series capacitor for blocking but based on the low ac input frequency (5 Hz)...
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    Unknown device in a high voltage chopper

    Hello, I am curious to know what are the circled devices. Thanks
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    Balanced modulator output function

    Hi, A system block diagram is shown below. Where S is a Sinusoidal function and S<90 is the same as S signal whose phase is 90 degree lag. And C is another Sinusoidal function with a different frequency. I want to know what is the output of this system. I have not seen a balanced modulator...
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    Help us to create a wonderful antenna community

    Hello, My friends and I graduated from university in field of engineering some years ago. So far we have not been successful to achieve a good job or earn enough salary that we can rely on. During these years we did many different work, however many of them were not related to our studying or...
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    CST measurement error (wrong lenght)

    Hi, Two days a ago a designed a model in CST software with specific which was defined by some variables. However, after setting and removing the face constraint one the shown face, CST measurement made me crazy.As you can see I have set the leng variable 19 which is more than the total length...
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    Ultra low-power GSM/GPS/GPRS module (Chip)

    Hi, I am looking for a low-power chip which contains GPS/GSM/GRPS to conserve my battery-powered device. I am going to connect my micro-controller to this chip in order to control its function so the user friendly protocol such as USART is preferred. Thanks in advance - - - Updated - - - In...
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    [SOLVED] Plot problem in ADS -label each line

    Hi, I'm newbie to ADS and I want to put each line's name, but I couln't. here is my design As you see I can't find out which line is for y=1 or y=2 would it be possible to each line be colored automatically? how can I cope with these problems? Thanks
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    High Q air core inductance

    High Q air core inductanne Hi, In deigning air core the book mentioned for increasing and improving the quality factor of an air core we should close spaced windings. However, in another reference, as I remember,"The windings can be separated to reduce the inter-winding capacitance which in...

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