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    Hardware & software services

    www.zixon-electronics.com PCB CONSULTING # Have concerns about your design? # Have a current manufacturing problem? # Have an ideea? SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT # Software development - PC # Firmware development - Embedded (Atmel, Freescale, Texas Instruments, Infineon) # Professional technical...
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    First Smart Car............

    Hello, PLEASE help me gain more Likes by voting : YouTube - Next generation automotive Xtrinsic Sensors I really appreciate your time watching this ! Thank you !
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    LMS400CB01 LCD iPAQ 214 (pocket PC)

    Hi, i have this lcd LMS400CB01 from a ipq214 pda, i know that the producer is Samsumg, but i couldn't find any datasheet on the web. Any info about the pin out of the lcd conector could be useful. Thx.
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    Timer/Counter1 problems on Atmega1280

    atmega1280 board Hi, im using an atmega1280 with a 28.224Mhz crystal. I'm tring to initialize timer/counter 1 to ghet an interupt at 1ms. I display the counter on a lcd screen and is visible that the counter doesnt incrent at 1ms, and is increment on lower rate maybe 100ms.I dont know what is...
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    NAND, NOR, TWI flash memory programer

    nand programer Hi, a few days ago i buy a cpu module with at91sam9263 https://www.ronetix.at/pm9263.html . does anyone a programer for this memory?

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