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    how can I study on Quantum Dot solar cell

    Excuse me for bad writing. I'm poor in English language. Is there anyone who is in this field of study? I am study at the Quantum Dot solar cell, in past two months. but I can't find the path to learn it. I need to learn it fast. because I have thesis, and should do it in 9 months. I need...
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    spice models for MOSFET deplation

    I need spice models, for nMOS & pMos transistor. for example: "TSMC 0.25um spice module." who know where can I found this model? I found below link for spice models of MOS transistor. https://www.mosis.com/pages/Technical/Testdata/index but all of them be for enhancement MOS. because their...
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    how can simulate this circuit, what is this switch. (by HSpice)

    I should, simulate below circuit by HSpice. but I don't know about below switches(S1 & S2 & S1.YL & S2.Y switches),. and can't simulate this circuit by HSpice. please help me. excuse me, for my sentences , because I'm poor in English
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    [SOLVED] I need library for CMOS 0.18um

    some address like below, have process of all 0.18um, but I need complete library of 0.18 um. https://www.mosis.com/pages/Technical/Testdata/index please help me. and if find that, please sen it to my email rrdrtds@gmail.com

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