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    Problem With XPower Estimator & Xpower Analyzer In Virte

    warning:power:163 Hello!! I want to measure the power consumption of some of my circuits that were designed in Virtex4 (XC4VSX55).I downloaded the latest version(9.1.02) of XPower Estimator from Xilinx.But when i import the map file then i always get the same power consumption and this doesnt...
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    SoC Encounter Question- why is the pin unconnected

    SoC Encounter Question Hello, while i am working on a small design and after finishing In-Place Optimization and Nanoroute i check the geometry and i get a violation which is show in the picture below: **broken link removed** why is this pin unconnected? do you now any way to fix problems...
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    Question About RTL Compiler

    rtl compiler I would like to ask you a question about RTL compiler.. What is the difference between these two commands: write -mapped > netlists/DP_FP_ADDER.v write_hdl > netlists/DP_FP_ADDER.v and which one is the best in order to use the extracted netlist in SOC Encounter? Thanks in advance!
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    Where Can I Find Some Free IP Cores?

    Hello! I need some free IP cores(for example FP multiplier,FP divider) for my project..do you know any site that provides IP cores? i need cores which are as optimized as possible for FPGA and cores which are as optimized as possible for ASIC.. Thanks In Advance
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    Problem When Trying To Run SoC 6.2

    soc_encounter_gxl Hi...I am a new user of EDA tools.I am trying to install SoC 6.2(the update release) on Ubuntu 8.04.. The install finishes correctly.. I added this line in the cshrc file: set path = (/Cadence/SoC/tools/bin $path) the file contains two more lines for the license: setenv...

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