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    How to print high-resolution picture for metal layers in GDS

    how to print metal & poly layers in GDSii file.
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    How to constraint two paths in Astro?

    One question about Astro How can I constraint two path in Astro: the paths are from PAD cell to registers and now other logic except buffer 1. same delay. 2. same buffer stage
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    How to set two paths to have the same delay and logic stage?

    issue how can I set two path to have the same delay & same logic stage.
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    about creating tluplus model

    tluplus I met some question when I used Astro to creat TLUPLUS model. I have used the following scheme ************************** cmItfToTLUPlus setFormField "Convert ITF to TLU" "Library Name" "QM_placement.mwlib" setFormField "Convert ITF to TLU" "MIN" "1" setFormField "Convert ITF to TLU"...
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    What max transition value should be set in .18/.13 process?

    max_transition Hi what value should I should set on max_transition in .18 process or .13 process :(
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    Problem with DC timing path code

    About DC timing path Startpoint: clk (clock source 'clk') Endpoint: ram (rising edge-triggered flip-flop clocked by clk) Path Group: clk Path Type: max Des/Clust/Port Wire Load Model Library ------------------------------------------------ xx...

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