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    [SOLVED] grounding question for inverter circuit

    grounding question(not yet solved sorry) Should our inverter driver(mcu, opamps,ir2112) have the same ground with our dc link(rail which is almost 450V)? our circuit is like what is in section 6(inverter section) of this pdf **broken link removed** now we don't know if the our DRIVER's...
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    IR2113 short after running

    We're trying to run a refrigerator by using inverters. At first we observed what is happening on the relay when the refrigerator is plugged at the outlet. It clicks and then the refrigerator starts(vibrations and sounds coming out from the compressor). THen we tried using the relay to with our...
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    H-bridge IGBT inverter problem on motor

    Our H-bridge IGBT inverter with DC rail of 315V is working on an industrial fan with voltage of 230VAC across it. now when we used the same circuit in running our refrigerator, given that the voltage across out inverter is 230VAC, the refrigerator wont start and started clicking. we think its...
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    Compressor click sound

    After applying 200VAC from the igbt driver, all we hear is a clicking sound. it doesn't turn on the compressor. any suggestions how to fix this? thanks!
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    PWM duty cycle problem

    HI, i have a problem creating this kind of waveform in PIC16F877A my code only got the waveform until the vertical line. here's my code: while(1) { pwmplus=10; for(lvl=0;lvl<=8;lvl++) { Pwm1_Change_Duty(unsign_pwm+pwmplus); Delay_ms(1); pwmplus=pwmplus+10; } } when i add: pwmplus=80...
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    Question about igbt h bridge powered by PWM form PIC micro

    We've already accomplished turning DC to AC successfully. but our new problem suddenly appeared when there were certain PWM duty cycles that would drain all the voltages going to our load. the fan only runs at 50-60% PWM duty cycle. after that it suddenly stops. We measured the voltage across...
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    Lcd_Custom_Out time problem

    Hi, we've encountered a problem with regards to the "Lcd_Custom_Out" function of the PIC16F877A our output waveform without the Lcd_Custom_Out looks like the figure below when we added Lcd_Custom_Out the waveform became there's a delay because of the Lcd_Custom_out. Is there a way...
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    220V DC rail IGBT inverter problem

    We created a transformerless 220VAC to 220VDC as the DC rail of our IGBT inverters. We already have a working H-bridge. Our desired input is a 220V DC that has a logic that of a the PWM from the microcontroller. If we connect our transformerless without the IGBT, the voltage output is 220V...
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    PIC16F877A programming problem(IntToStr)

    Hi, i have a problem in displaying to our LCD. I'm trying to display 2 values to our lcd while using the given algorithm. The code below is working. But when i added the comments with the arrows especially the IntToStr(ref,text3) LCD_Custom_Out(2,10,text3) the program is not working. I...
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    H-Bridge power supply shorting

    Hi we are having a problem with our H-Bridge. We used an IGBT and IR2113 as its gate driver. We already saw another post but for some reason we can't comment on it... so we made a new one. Our Voltage Input on the H-Bridge is 20V The signal voltage source just represents our input on the gates...
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    IR2113, cant make HIGH SIDE work

    Hi guys, we are trying to use ir2113 to drive the IGBT for our project. We plan to make an H-bridge using the IGBTs but we cant drive the IGBT using our IC. When we tried placing our PWM as input in the HIN pin of the IC, the HO pin only outputs a straight DC voltage. When we tried on the LOW...
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    Ir2113 question about High Output and Low Output and High Input and Lowinput

    Hi, we plan to use an Ir2113 as a gatedriver for our IGBT. We plan to make an H-bridge using IGBT for our AC motor. We plan to switch the IGBT's on and off such that our 220DC supply will become AC w/ varied frequency. We've already seen the datasheet of IR2113, and followed the circuit that...
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    220AC to 220DC converter

    Hi, can anyone give me a schematic or suggest a way of how to convert 220AC to 220DC. We will use the 220DC as a supply for a motor in our project. Is it possible not to use a transformer? Help is very much appreciated!

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