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    Need Synp!ify 7.2 linux license

    synplify linux license Can anyone help me? Thanks, -danno
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    Anyone running Gentoo Linux??

    Hi all, I'm currently running redhat 7.3 because all the EDA we use is "certified" for redhat 7.x. I run Syn*psys, MTI, Synp1ify, etc... Do these run, or can they be made to run, on Gentoo Linux?? I heard people claim that most linux EDA applications are designed for, and tested on, redhat...
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    Help! X/H/D/L 3.2 in RH 7.3

    I have x-hdl 3.2 for linux installed under Redhat 7.3. For a long time I couldn't even get it to run. I was getting an "XTEK_HOME" variable not set error message (even though I was setting the variable correctly) I finally figured out that you can't (at least I can't) run x-hdl under the BASH...
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    RH Linux 7.3 + Ment0r HDL Designer = HELP!

    could not create fontset for font I don't know if this is a RH Linux 7.3 problem, or an HDL designer problem, but when HDL designer starts up I get the following error message: Error:Could not create fontset for font '-adobe-helvetica-bold-r-normal--14-100-100-100-p-82-ISO8859-1' The following...

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