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    Interfacing Weather Station with microcontroller

    Weather Station I want to interface Fog Sensor Anemometer (wind speed and direction measurement) Pollution Level Sensor Rain Detector with mcrocontroller (any) Any body have an idea which equipment is best to interface with the microcontroller. Do not need home made or hobby circuit...
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    Need EPON Model (in opnet or any form)

    I am a MS student in South Korea I need help related to EPON model If any body have model of EPON plz upload that material , If it is related to OPNET-model then it will be the best.
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    Remove audio noise from video ?

    Is there any software which can remove Audio noise from the video file ? If any body knows plz tell me the link or give me some idea
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    Recommend me a book to learn Verilog

    Help me I am new to FPGA I want to learn Verilog what book you recomend
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    Help required on 8bit to 10bit conversion

    I am using PIC 16F877 now i want to transfer my data which is present in SSPBUF to the prot in Parallel way of 10bit in such a way that 8bit is full consumed from port 2 and take 2bit (two pins) from port three how is it possible Am i using MAsking or other technique ? plz help me if masking How ?
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    how to transfer 10bit data

    I want to transfer data in 10bit parallel to other device how can i implement it ? Data must be transferred using "port 2" and two bits from port 3 how is it possible ? I am using pic 16f877 plz help me
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    waht is the latest research on Communication

    latest research in communication systems What is the latest research topic in the field of communicaition ? Plz refer the site or If any body has IEEE latest research paper related to communication then plz upload the ppr or give the site
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    Which companies hire Electrical Engineers in Pakistan?

    asic jobs in pakistan plz tell me the companies offering jobs for Electrical Engineer specially for "Designer"
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    Where to find free evaluation board of PIC ?

    free evaluation board Any Body tell me from where can i get the free sample of evaluation board of PIC or other free sample or tools from FPGA THanX
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    Plz Help me about Digital Image Processing

    First of all i want a Matlab Code for finger Recognition, Plz provide me code the main purpose of this code is for research purpose. Secondly I want a combined data of Iris and Face. I shall be very thankful to you.
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    Which Bluetooth device is good for PIC16f877?

    I m transferring data from PIC16f877 to PC by using bluetooth or infrared Any one can tell me which bluetooth device is better for PIC i mean it model number not costly one and easily available Or I use Infrared Device if i use infrared which is compatible for PIC16f877 so that to transfer...
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    which cystal clock is for 16f877

    Which Crystal Clock is suitable for PIC16F877?
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    what wrong with microcontroller plz help meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    I am currently a final semester student I have recently purchase a WIZ-C compiler student from fored.co.uk after writing a huge code i burned PIC16F877 and want to check my circuit but it did not work. After erasing the microcontroller i write a program which just blink led in PortB at pin...
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    Plz plz tell me wht is Barell shifter

    Plz tell me about the givn information plz plz will any body help me WHAT is Barrel SHIFTER how it works what is its logic Diagram not block diagram Plz Refer any site which conatain these material or any free site or tutorial or free ebook plz Plz tell me as soon as possible
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    Formula for calculating nyqist frequency

    If any body know that signal has fs=4Khz wht wil be the nyqist frequency plz tell me the formula also
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    Modulating index and carrier question

    Why carrier frequency (fc) is atleast 10times higher than baseband frequency Secondly how to find the modulating index of the FM wave by seeing the spectrum reply soon thanx
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    delay in less than mili second

    Plz tell me how to implement a delay of less than 1 milli second in C language as c built in function delay(x) where x is in mili second i want to dealy a program in nanosecond reply me as soon as possible
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    How to erase IC ATMEL AT28C256 EEPROM

    Plz tell me how to erase IC "ATMEL" AT28C256 EEPROM coz it cause error and cant erase although niether error in EEPROM nor Programmer and cant erase from programmer plz tell me the solution as soon as possible thanx
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    a very good tutorial of LCD

    see the tutorial of LCD of this and than inform me u like it or not www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~ih/doc/lcd/ www.epemag.com/lcd2.pdf
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    How to read from PIC program memory

    I m a student of BCE(computer engg.) final semester i have a problem plz tell me how to read data from program memory of specific location as by sending reading bit command then it will come to my parallel port how i read it serially bit by bit and then convert it to hexfile as i am doing...

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