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    Hel with feko simulation

    Help with feko simulation hi, i´m trying to simulate the folded patch antenna which is in attach. But i'm having 3+53j Ohms, so i'm not sure about what i'm doing wrong, i think could be maybe about the port! i have done a wire where i want to do the feed and then aplied a wire port on it...
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    Patch antenna simulation - Sonnet Software

    Hi everyone, I´m trying to simulate a patch antenna, but i´m having problems because i dont know how to make the ground plane. I have done 3 dielectric layers: air, dielectric, air. But i´m not sure if this is the right way to do a finite ground plane! I will be really gratefull if anyone...
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    Finite Substrate using Feko

    Hi everyone, I'm simulating an microstrip antenna (attachment), with microstrip line feed, in feko software. First i simulated the antenna in a infinite substrate, but right now i'm trying to do it in a finite one. Its a substrate with dielectric constant = 5; height = 1.6mm. But i'm having...
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    Microstrip patch antenna

    Hi, i'm working with microstrip antenna and i use Txline sortware to determine the line dimension, but in the software i have to put the constant dielectric. My question is i have to put the constant dielectric or the effective? I hope anyone can help!!! Best regards, jmga9
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    Antennas Simulators help

    Hi everyone, I wish someone advise me a antenna software simulation that was efficient and free! i have: - Mstrip40 - Feko lite - Sonnet lite - CST microwave studio - Zeland Have any one work with some of the list? what do you think? Thanks!! Best regards, Jmga9

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