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    display result in LCD

    I want to display some voltage information directly into the LCD (without programming a mcu). can someone suggest me some IC that i can use for the purpose.
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    INA 2126 SenseA pin...

    Can someone explain me the purpose of Sense A pin in INA 2126 (dual version of INA 126). The pin does not exist in single version. Only two lines are written in the datasheet and not quite clear to me. I hope someone helps me the purpose and the best use of it. Thank you
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    power resistor as heater

    Hi, i want to use power resistor to heat up a surface from (30~70 degre celsius). the area is quite small 3x3 cm and so i want to use single small power resistor and a control circuit. Can someone recommend me a power resistor for this purpose? i want to use it with a supply around 12 v from...
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    wrong measurment with PCB circuit

    I fabricated a PCB board first time and used trace width of 20 mil for power traces and 10 mil for all others. When i check the circuit with dc input voltage (ex:50 mv- 600 mv) everything is perfect. When i connect it to a real input (also a dc potential in the same range, ~30 uA current), the...
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    PCB layout format...

    Hi, this is my first time to design a layout. I used ultiboard and after i generated gerber files followings were the formats Top Layer .GBR Bottom Layer .GBR Top Soldermask .GBR Bottom Soldermask...
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    Noise analysis using INA129 pspice model

    hi, i would like to do noise analysis of INA129 using Multisim. i checked the pspice model but it does not include any information about noise modeling. I found noise model included in Analog Device ICs but in Texas Instrument IC s they are not present. So my question is : 1. if i do noise...
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    technology file attachment problem in cadence

    hi, i just changed into IC613 from IC5141.I am using NCSU development kit. When i was trying to add instances (pmos,pjfet ) to schematic from NCSU Analog Parts i can find Model Name = pmos and the attributes are blank even though i attached NCSU_Techlib_ami06.no matter which component i am...
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    Spectre Netlist error

    I have designed an inverter using nmos4 and pmos4(NCSU_Analog_Parts) and edited the width and length with varriable Wid and Len. After changing the Drain Diffusion Area value becomes Wid*2.5*iPar("MinL") as it should be. However every time i try Netlist and Run, i get the following errors...
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    will upgrading linux can cause problem to cadence installed?

    I would like to upgrade my Centos 5.6 to Centos 5.9 through yum upgrade. Will it affect my existing Cadence(IC5141_USR6) installation Thanks
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    Cant not see Vce in oject parameters

    Hi, I have placed an npn transistor from analogLib(that probably comes with Cadence). when i tried to Edit->Properties->Object.. for the transistor, i could not find any collector-emitter voltage field in CDF parameter. However when i opened CDF Editor i found the Vce field is there. Can...
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    CIW freezes when type icfb &

    I have installed Centos 6.3 (64 bit ver.) and then IC5141. I had several problems on way to installation and i solved them from the answers of the forums.after installation i start the tool as follows using tcsh mkdir cadence cd cadence icfb & the virtuso logo appears and then "ciw" window...
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    Gaussian filter problem

    gaussian filter Hi i am trying to filter a data set in matrix format using gaussian filter.i take the fourier transform of the data and then multiply with gaussian filter and take the inverse fourier transform of that. Now here is the function i have written(matlab) for gaussian filter...
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    VHDL synthesis problem - number of I/O bound exceeds

    VHDL synthesis problem Hi, I am using xilinx and after i have synthesized my VHDL code for the specific device the report says the number of I/O bound exceeds. I don have much idea about I/O bound. Can anyone explain me what is that?? and how can i decrease that??? Thank You.
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    vhdl....pipelined register

    pipelined register Hi everyone, i wonder if u could help me about pipelining register.i want to keep my 32 bit input data into a pipelining register. I have declared a signal for that.Now when i assign my input data to the signal,do i need to assign those inside a process or...
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    AES implementation in VHDl

    aes vhdl Hi, I am implementing AES in VHDL. My goal is to design a high throughput system.In this regard i got a couple of papers.but still its not very clear to me.Can u suggest me any paper or any sort advices or discussions on high throughput design would be helpful for me. thanks.
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    Suggest me some Verilog books to learn coding

    Please suggest me some names of verilog books for learning coding. thank you
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    J2ME emulator for Nokia

    Hi, I am working on an j2me application and i need a nokia phone emulator to test the code in pc....suuggest me where can i get that ...
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    Ideas for making a simple FM radio

    Hi..... i want to make a simple FM radio for me...plz give me some idea .
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    signal generation via serial port

    Hi, I want to generate different freq. range of signal via serial port controlling from my PC using C or others. Can anyone help me plz.
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    problem in inductance measurement

    hi, i need some answer about..... 1)what type of wire or coil is used for the antenna of rf transmission 2)i have collected some wire and made them a loop of square shape and for measuring its inductance applied it in a rlc circuit.but its not showing any significant value...how can i measure...

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