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    Remove Phase Lag of Voltage Transformer Output

    Hi Friends, I working on Energy meter design which uses 1:1 transformer for voltage measurement and Current transformer for Current measurement. While experimenting i found Voltage transformer's output signal lags by approximately 30 Degree with input signal. Is there a way to remove this...
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    ATMEGA64A controller problem

    Dear friends, I am using atmega64a controller for my product,my product is used for controlling the 3 phase motor using mobile phone.Product will be installed in a very noisy environment. In some of the products installed in the field i am facing problem with the micro controller. Device...
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    Need RF transceiver for 200 meter,500 meter,1 km range

    Dear friends, Please suggest me some RF transceiver module for 200 meters range,500 meters range and 1km range. Low cost one is preferable....
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    [SOLVED] Delay generated by delay_ms is not proper in XC8 compiler

    Dear Friends, I am using PIC16F1829 and XC8 compiler. I am using external crystal of 4MHZ. I am just trying to blink an LED for every 2 seconds. I have used __delay_ms(2000); function to generate 2 seconds of delay.Also before the main i have included _XTAL_FREQ 4000000 Compiler is...
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    Sim900a gsm module,simcard is loosing registration after working for few days

    Dear friends, I am using SIM900A gsm module for my product. My product will be installed in a place where the signal quality is less than 10( checked from AT+CSQ command) , and is fixed very near to noisy environment (next to 3 phase starter). I am using GSM module for both voice and SMS. My...
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    how to send text SMS in indian language using SIM900 GSM module

    Dear friends, I am working on a project using SIM900,I wanted to send text SMS in Indian language(Telugu) using the gsm module. I searched in the internet but no use.... If any body can give me the solution it will be helpful to me...
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    SIM900A gsm module is switching off automatically.

    Dear friends, I use SIM900A in my project.My problem is once i switch on the GSM module using POWER KEY,it will be on for 1 or 2 minutes but after this GSM module is switching off automatically... Please help....
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    DTMF decoder HT9170D is not detecting tones properly

    Dear friends, In my project i use SIM900A gsm module and HT9170D dtmf decoder and Atmega64a controller. DTMF decoder is not detecting the tones properly....some times it works and some times it does not work. I use the same application circuit as given in datasheet page number 8,application...
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    [SOLVED] 1/10 th watt SMD resitor going bad after soldering is done

    Dear readers, I am doing project which is used to controll heavy HP motors (nearly 10 HP). I use 1/10th watt SMD resistors for my project.Recently i am facing issue of SMD resistor going bad. After all the PCB soldering is done and if i measure the resistance value it is showing large values...
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    mcu atmega64A reboots continuously

    when i flash the mcu from one computer, mcu works fine. But when i flash the same program to mcu from a different computer, mcu is rebooting continuously. I'm suspecting the problem is with avr-gcc or avrdude, because i'm getting this problem after a fresh installation of avr-gcc and avrdude...
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    problem with awit AW 368_EVB_V2.1 evolution board

    Hello all, Thanks for the reply I am using Awit gsm module evolution board AW368_EVB_V2.1. I cannot communicate with PC.Please help When i type 'at' i did not get any response from module .
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    problem with sim300s_v6.02 evolution board

    Hello all, Thanks for the reply My sim300s_v6.02 EVB was working fine from past 5 months but now it is creating problem, I am not able to make call to sim inserted in Sim300s EVB.Only engage tone comes and i get response as NOT REACHABLE from operator. I have listed down the responses it gave...
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    [SOLVED] analog voltage to ADC of atmega64a through analog optocoupler

    Hello readers, I planned to give 3phase voltage to ADC of micro controller , for doing this i have done the voltage divider network and i have tapped 5v AC.Now this 5V AC is to be given to ADC of micro controller.Can i give this ac voltage directly to ADC or i should use any isolation in...
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    varying SMPS input range through resistor

    Dear all, Can any one please tell me how can i vary the input range of SMPS by varying only input resistor. Thanking you, Shiva kumar.R
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    5v,0.8A single phase SMPS

    Dear all, I planned to build a single phase SMPS which gives 5V(dc),0.8A as output, please help me with design details. Thanking you, Shiva kumar.R

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