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    spectrum analyzer uwb signal measurement

    Hi all, First of all, my problem is about using spectrum analyzer for measuring uwb signal and I am not sure whether it is a right place for my question. If not, please notify me. I use a handheld spectrum analyzer to measure a antenna output of a uwb transceiver. In fact, this is RTU7010...
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    FPGA driven by external clock

    I have got a altera stratix II dsp board and built a nios softcore cpu inside. I try to drive the fpga using a clock from a external hardware. My problem is the clock form external hardware cannot drive the PLL inside the fpga. When I monitor the clock to be input to fpga, the duty cycle is...
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    Looking for timestamping IC

    Hi all experts, Hope my question is not off topic in this forum. I need to build a hardware based timestamping system, with accuracy of nanosecond. Is there any IC available for doing this? ttse7
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    SRD sub-nanosecond pulse generator

    srd pulse Hi all experts, I have been asking for help of pulse generator using Step Recovery Diode(SRD). Recently, I make a circuit but the output amplitude is very small(30mV pk-pk). Which part is wrong? I attach the circuit diagram and the output waveform here. The input signal is...
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    SRD short pulse generator

    srd pulse generator Hi all, This is ttse7 again. Sorry I keep asking the same type of question here. I plan to make a short pulse with 0.5ns pulse width. I follow the HP application note 918 and build with lump elements, the SRD is from M-pulse, MP4023. The final result is that the pulse...
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    100MHz square wave generation

    Hi all, I need to build a circuit which can output a 100MHz square wave. Probably there is no IC to do this. Can anybody here help? Thanks a lot
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    Step recovery diode model in ADS2005A

    Hi, I have a Step Recovery diode with the following parameter: Vbr=20V Cj6=0.5pF(max) Rs=0.8ohm tt=50ps tL=15ns Which component should I use to model such device since there is no exact SRD model in ADS2005A. Please help ttse7
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    Step recovery diode (SRD)simulation

    step recovery diode Hi all, I would like to do a impulse circuit based on SRD. In agilent ADS2005A, there is no SRD model library. How can I model SRD in ADS2005A. Thanks ttse7
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    Which company offers Step Recovery Diode for around $20?

    Hi all, I've asked few company offering Step Recovery Diode(SRD) but the price is high. Does anyone know any company can offer SRD in a lower price, around US20 and allow small purchase quantity. We are university and not company. Also, it is hard to request sample. Thanks

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