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    How to build a power wideband directional coupler?

    wideband directional coupler 100w I want to design and build a high power, up to 100W wideband 20MHz - 500MHz directional coupler with 30dB - 40dB coupling Any suggestions? Thanks in advance
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    Error when saving the patterns in PCAD2001

    Re: PCAD2001 LIBRARY PROBLEM Your selection prior to saving must contain only elements, allowed for placement by "Part Editor" - see “Placement Toolbar”.
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    Mesuare current without a shunt resistor

    Isolated current sensors from ZETEX: ZMC05, ZMC10...
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    how to use PCAD pcb file as library file

    1. Save PCB in ASCII format. 2. Open Library Executive, Library, Translate. 3. Select Source Format = P-CAD ASCII, select your PCB as Source Lib, type name of new Destination library and translate
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    Files made with P-CAD Master designer 8.7

    pcad 8.7 Just open old files in P-CAD 2002. No libraries need. All parts, symbols etc. are stored in database.
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    Where to find low ohm coaxial for RF pwr transformer

    I'm looking for low ohmic semirigid coaxials (10, 15, 25ohm) for RF power transformers. Order should be low quantity - 2m of each one. If anybody know some better sources let me know. Thank You
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    Importing old Pcad files in new version

    You can bundle p-cad45 *.prt files in lib file, convert *.lib to *.pdif and use Library Executive | Library | Translate
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    a low phase noise , low cost vco design

    Frequency about 950MHz, tuning range 30MHz.
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    Wideband and Low-Noise Microwave VCO

    BFP183 (Ft=8GHz) operates reliably in the frequency range 2-3.2GHz using a beter transistor like BFP420 (Ft-25GHz) allows to shift up frequency up to 4GHz
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    Broadband VCOs using Microstrip Techniques

    vco microstrip Broadband VCOs using Microstrip Techniques
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    Wideband and Low-Noise Microwave VCO

    Wideband and Low-Noise Microwave VCO article
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    12 bit A/D converter.....

    Or cheap equivalents from Microchip MCP320x series

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