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    How to implement sram in @ltera SOPC

    Hello. I would like to implement 2 Cypress 256K x 16 Sram's on my custom Cyclone board but the SOPC Builder provides only IDT Srams with 32 bit width. How can I implement my srams and has anyone an instruction guide on how to use the interface to user logic ? I'm totally new in this segment...
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    Need Source for PS2 Mouse and Keyboard using 8051

    ps2 keyboard with 8051 A very useful link. Thanks barny. :)
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    Need Source for PS2 Mouse and Keyboard using 8051

    ps2 keyboard source Hi i need a Source Code that implements the PS2 Mouse and Keyboard functions to a 8051 Microcontroller. Have only one seen such a Source ? Thanks
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    Searchig.. Phoenix Firmware for Super IO Controller

    Hello, i'm currently searching for a Firmware or Sourcecode for the SMSC LPC47N252 Super IO Controller.I will implement the Keyboard and Power Management Function for a little Mainboard Project with the Intel 830MG Chipset. Or is a other, similar Chip out with this functions included ? Can...

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