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    build a simple circuit to save the video recording of a camera in a memory card

    I would like to design a smart security save box, i just simply explain the function, while the user key in the descending order of his/her desired password, the circuit will turn on a camera to start recording when the save box door open and save in a memory card... By now i got no idea how to...
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    C programming to program PIC16F877a

    #include <pic.h> #use delay (clock = 20000000) #define L293D_A RB0 #define L293D_B RB1 #define L293D_C RB2 #define L293D_D RB3 #define L293D_E RB4 #define L293D_F RB5 __CONFIG(0x3f3a); void rotate_L1(void); void rotate_R1(void); void rotate_L2(void); void rotate_R2(void); void breaksA(void)...
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    solar tracker with LDR and PIC16F877A

    i would like to design a solar tracker control by PIC 16F877A, the input is 4 LDR for left, right, up and down, output is the servo motor... the design basically is when the light is spot on 4 LDR, sure have different intensity of the light, then the motor need to move to the high light...

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