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    Data buffer for PCIe physical layer verification

    PCIe Phy Hi I am doing PCIe physical layer verification. For Gen1 and Gen2, PCIe transmits 20 bit data and receives 16 bit data. I am in the process of bulding up a test bench environment for this. I am actually preparing an expected data buffer. This is 16 bit buffer. Need to take 16 bits...
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    What's the best reference to learn System Verilog?

    Please let me know best source to learn System Verilog.
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    UTMI+L3 digital part verification

    Hi I am working on verification part of UTMI transceiver. RTL for digital part inside UTMI+L3 is developed and I am supposed to develop TB setup from the scratch. Please suggest a TB architecture for the same. Also, let me know what type of assertions are better to use in this scenario. Thank...
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    How to change clock frequency?

    Hi From a clock generator module, how to generate clocks of different frequencies? For example, my design has different clock domains at 25MHz,66MHz and 125 MHz. From the same clock gen, how to generate all these clocks? Simply, how to increase or decrease clock frequencies?
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    Microcontroller project - please suggest something

    Microcontroller project I know how to code in Assembly Language for 8051 Microcontroller. Can anybody suggest me a small project so that I can get deeper understanding about the Microcontroller?
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    What are different timing control pins available in 8051?

    8051 Hi, What are different timing control pins available in 8051 Microcontroller? Can anybody detail me with this?

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