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    i cant get pic 18f2550 work as HID

    Hi every body i m trying to blink some leds with pic 18f2550 using usb connection to my labtop i have some problems 1- when i open vb2008 interface, it doesnt identify that usb is plugged untill i touch Vusb with my hand. i aready put 200nf capacitor to ground on Vusb. i is very strange. 2-...
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    UV exposure box using leds and old scanner

    Hi every boddy. i finished my UV leds box using an old scanner and i m ready to show u how i controlled its stepper motor and made a control pcb and uv leds pcb. i know there is alot topics about uv boxes and the idea isn't new but if sombody is interested and want to make one i ll help...
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    pcb fabrication tutorial Hi Those are the first words i write in this forum which i found amazing for all electrical engineers and hobbyists. I m from middle east, jordan. And i m an electrical engineer. But i still have no idea about fabricating PCB's at home niether creating layouts using...

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