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    wideband 2-3 GHz high power amplifiers

    high power, wide-band amplifiers, which transistors are useful for wideband 2-3 GHz high power amplifiers? power as high as possible?
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    ultra wideband high power amplifier design

    wideband power amplifier design have any body idea for ultra wideband high power amplifier design? for 20-500 MHz, 500-1GHz , 1-2 GHz their topologies and Transistors?order of power is 50-100W
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    classic work in RF Engineering

    Hi, I need PDF of this book "classic work in RF Engineering" Have any body
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    frequency synthesizers by manassewitsch?

    have any body ebbok of frequency synthesizers theory and design by manassewitsch?
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    need som power transistor

    Hi, I need design of some class AB or C power amplifiers (10 Watt) for <100 MHz 1) what companies produce transistors? 2)what practical considration needed? 3) have you any document or picture of power amplifier at this bands? thanks
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    Need a paper from Microwave Journal 1987, vol 30.

    Hi every body. coulde you help me? microwave journal 1987,vol:30, issu:5 "INTERPOLATING FORMULAS FOR AN EQUIVALENT CIRCUIT OF POSTS IN RECTANGULAR WAVEGUIDES" may I request you a copy or pdf (scan) of this paper?
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    autolisp programing tutorial need

    Hi, have any body a complet tutorial pn autolisp programing? thanks
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    Microwave Transmission Line Couplers need, help

    Hi, I need pdf of this book "Microwave Transmission Line Couplers" by Malherbe, artech house, please
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    best book on analoge circuits design?

    hi what is a best book on analoge circuits design?
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    Looking for references about UWB Antenna

    Hi, I need books and papers on Ultra wideband antenna Have any body? especially the art and science of ultrawideband antenna book?
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    The Art and Science of Ultra-Wideband Antennas

    art and science of ultra wideband antennas have any body this book?
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    microstrip antenna , pozar

    microstrip antennas pozar have any body the book "microstrip antenna: theory and design" by pozar, IEEE press
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    largest array antenna?

    how can if find about very large(element) array antenna especially on microstrip? thanks
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    What topology should be used for hybrid 90 design?

    hybrid 90 design help have any body idea for design broadband (8-18GHz) 3dB 90 deg hybrid? what topology should be use?
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    broadband 180 deg 3dB hybrip design help

    hi :-) I need design of broadband (one octave) 180 deg 3 dB hybrid can any body help me? thanks
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    circular waveguide standards?

    Is there a standard for circular waveguides? what is famouse componies of circular waveguide?
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    radome structures and material?

    hi Have any body a good reference for radome materials? Theare is a book in artech house "analysis of radome-enclosed antenna" do you have it?
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    analysis of radome-enclosed antenna need

    have any body the book "analysis of radome-enclosed antenna"? please upload it
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    minimum band width of aPLL

    what is a minimum band width for a pll to be free of microphonic effects?
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    Phase shifter design need help

    how can I design a 8-18 GHz phase shifter? has any body a paper?

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