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    [ARM] Getting a wrong ascii value while connecting LPC 2138 with LM 35 on proteus

    Looks to me more like a software problem. Your ADC code is probably hanging somewhere.
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    [Moved] How external memory is addressed in processors?

    'Memory segmentation' and 'paging' are what you are looking for.
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    [AVR] My Atemga8 not waking up from power down mode

    A few possibilities I see: 1. Port configuration may not be correct. 2. The compiler disables global interrupt in timer ISR entry. Hence while you are sleeping in ISR, interrupt not forwarded to software.
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    generate bias voltage of power amplifier

    I am wondering, why Class AB is used in voltage amplification stage and Class A in power amplification stage? We do the opposite at audio frequencies..
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    [SOLVED] dc motor speed controling

    The best way will be to provide a clean DC to the motor input. The closest you can practically get, in my opinion, is to use the PWM to control a Buck Converter. The DC motor can be used as the capacitor of the buck circuit.
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    Question about Boost Converter

    Why negative current is coming in a switch? Probably you need to provide the new diagram, along with the driving circuit.
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    Hardware Reliability - So how frequent are IC failures?

    Thanks Jack. Xaacto, from the discussion and a few readings, what i think, is that, if you don't suspect a high probability of radiation induced errors or any other kind of prominent cause of faults, you can design with consumer grade electronics. No matter what grade of component you use, you...
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    Hardware Reliability - So how frequent are IC failures?

    Thank you keith. But I'm not involved with any medical project at present. Due to the recent happenings in the automotive sector, every embedded engineer has got some interest towards reliable designs. Everywhere people speak of hardware reliability first. But from my experience, it was not so...
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    Hardware Reliability - So how frequent are IC failures?

    Re: Hardware Reliability Thank you keith. That means the life critical equipments are designed with redundant modules. No matter what the component or module reliability is, we will go for such designs to reduce the chance of damage to life. But what about the actual digital component failure...
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    Hardware Reliability - So how frequent are IC failures?

    Hardware Reliability You might have noticed a disclaimer in the end of digital IC datasheets(eg. 74ls series), that they are not guaranteed enough for medical uses. I have no experience with a digital IC failing (unless mishandled). Nor have i worked in any digital manufacturing companies. So...
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    How to pause the execution of a C program?

    Re: Pausing a C program? Pausing requires some other process to execute or somehow to halt the system. The former is OS dependent. So some system calls, as i see in Linux now, is required for such jobs.
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    Download .wav files into 8051 & playing it

    Download through serial port to 8051 and use a parallel DAC. The available sample rate and resolution will only be sufficient for speech(Limited by serial port baud rate).
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    Why McBSP is called "Multi-channel"?

    McBSP channels Thank you dangbien. I have gone through SPRU580G(McBSP reference guide), and now i understand the operation.
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    Why McBSP is called "Multi-channel"?

    McBSP channels Why McBSP(Multi-channel Buffered Serial Port) is called "Multi-channel"? 1.Can it be used to communicate with multiple peripherals simultaneously? 2.What if the peripherals use different protocols?
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    simple question about LED

    Ga is p type impurity, and Arsenic is n type impurity. I think it is by varying the proportion of Ga and As. Please correct me, if i am wrong.
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    Addition of different frequency sinosoids

    To understand the effects, writing, cos(f1)+1.7*cos(f2)=cos(f1)+cos(f2)+0.7*cos(f2) may help Has many limitations (analysis of more than 3 frequency components etc.). If you get a better method, please post it here.
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    Addition of different frequency sinosoids

    I'm also interested in understanding this. I want to find the beat frequency and wave frequency after the addition. The only idea that i have now is to use the product and sum formula-- cos(a)+cos(b)=2cos((a+b)/2)cos((a-b)/2)
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    Spectrum -- Logarithmic Frequency axis

    Thank you ring0. The first option, i think, is equivalent to sampling the DFT at logarithmic intervals. Such an approach i think will produce problems similar to 'aliasing'. Lots of details will be lost at higher freqency. The second option seems much better to me.
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    Spectrum -- Logarithmic Frequency axis

    In conventional DFT, the difference between adjacent frequency 'bins' are equal. ie. it is distributed linearly in Frequency axis (f0, 2f0, 3f0, 4f0.....) Is there any algorithm to calculate Spectrum (need not be DFT) only at logarithmic intervals, (eg f0, 2f0, 4f0, 8f0......)? 'f0' is the...

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