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    OV7955 system control

    Hi guys I just started to program EEPROM , however the OV7955 system control start with [0x0100 - 0x3043] during program, do i need to start from 0x0000 or 0x0100??
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    [General] how to make EEPROM file

    :?: Hi All Need u guys help. I just using SuperPro-M programmer. I need to know how to make hex file or binary file ? this file use to store all the programmer data
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    [General] SPI EEPROM compiler and programm

    Hi, :bang: We are making product that which need to read the default value from EEPROM every time the MCU are wake up. The default value will change according to product specification. We are planning to use SPI EEPROM for model of 25AA1024. Do have any recommendation that we can load in...

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