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    Photonic Crystal Fiber

    Does anyone know about the techniques used for fabrication of Photonic Crystal fiber? I heard that there are 6 to 7 types of PCF fabrication method. P/s: where can i get the list of prices for each PCF based on different fabrication methods? Thank you
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    NAPC for lithography

    Can anyone tell me what does NAPC in lithographic stands for? i seached online but the results i got are not related to lithography. as i know it is a set of parameters at the wafer scanner, but what is N? A? P? C?
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    lithography analysis

    In lithography, there is something called bossung curve. can anyone tell me how to analyse and explain in detail of it? i need to elaborate it yet i dont know how..
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    game creation using software

    what is the software that can help create android game? the better if less coding.. XD

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