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    Use chipscope to capture some signals from my FPGA

    Hey,everybody,i'm suffering by useing chipscope ,would you like to show me some suggestions with my appreciation! my enviorment: 1,fpga :virtexII xc2v3000 2,eda tool: ise5.1 3,chipscope :4.1i or 5.2 I want to use chipscope to capture some signals from my fpga, but i cannot configure fpga...
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    xilinx xcv3200e always resets reset

    fpga reset i use xilinx xcv3200e for asic verification,after the target was configured,and i run some programs,the fpga was always reset, i dont know why????????????plus:i configurate the fpga with parallel download cable,i just guess the pc LPT's signals did it!!!!!I'm not sure! anybody like...
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    I need documents for fsk protocol .

    fsk protocol when i design a soc ,i will realize communication interface with FSK 1200-2200 .i found the obvious phase shift occur on input signal, how much degree phase shift should be tolerance? I need documents for design fsk protocol .
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    How to open the switch of macro definition in ise4.x/5.x?

    ise4.x/5.x hi,anybody knows how to open the switch of macro defination in ise4.x/5.x series software,i use xst to synthesis the verilog code,because my codes have some ifdef...else ...endif,but ise seems like not to support this kind of defination?is it right?any solutions?thanks!

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