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    For external clock source, which PAD is the best choice?

    clock pad Sir, Followings are TSMC 0.35 I/O PAD, I would like to know which one the the best choice for external clock signal generated by a 48MHz Oscillator: PDCHxSM : Very Fast Schmitt Trigger Non-Inverting Clock Input Pad,5V-Tolerant, Connecting VDD5V Power Ring PDCHxSZ : High Drive...
  2. J

    How to compile 32-bit program under RHEL3 X86_64?

    Sir, I compile a 32-bit under RHEL3 X86_64. I always get a error message : ld: Relocatable linking with relocations from format elf64-x86-64 (/redhat30/STDLIB__.o) to format elf32-i386 (csrc/libvhdl_object.o) is not supported Do someone know how to resolve this program? Thanks Jerry Yau
  3. J

    Question of passing a signal between 2 clock domain

    I know I have to design a synchronizer with 2 F.F to pass one signal comes from low frequency clock domain to high frequency clock domain. But If a signal comes from A clock domain with fixed clock frequency must be passed to B clock domain. And clock of B clock domain is adjustable. It's...
  4. J

    An error message from design compiler

    Dear sir, I got following message. I remembered DC has a variable which can solve this problem. But i forget this variable's name. Could someone tell me? Thanks. File 'cycloneiii.sldb' is created using program version 'X-2005.09-SP2' which is newer than '2000.12-SP1'
  5. J

    core dump when running dracula in RedHat enterprise 3?

    Hi sir, I get a core dump file when I run dracula which attached in IC5.033 in RedHat enterprise 3. Do anyone know how to solve this problem? Thanks.
  6. J

    Problem about Synopsys tools on AMD64 and RHEL3 for AMD64.

    Hi sir, Recently, I bought a AMD64 system and I installed RHEL3 AS update4(and update2) on this new machine. Everything went well. But I got a following message When I executed synopsys 200412 products for AMD64: Mem Error: Initial 2048MB sbrk offset failed. Does someone know what happened...
  7. J

    How to install RHEL 3.0 into a system with K6-2 cpu?

    Hi sir, I encounter a problem when I install RHEL 3.0 into a system with AMD K6-2 CPU. The installer tell me that I attempt to install RHEL 3.0 into a unsupport system. But RedHat said RHEL 3.0 support all i386 compatible system. So do I need to use a special parameter when I start the...
  8. J

    Recommended Astro Methodology?

    Hi sir, Could someone tell me what is Recommended Astro Methodology? and where I get some informations for Recommended Astro Methodology. Thanks. Jerry Yau
  9. J

    How to use write_milkyway to write out NETL?

    Hi sir, I use physical compile to synthesis my deisgn and use create_mw_design to create a milkyway library. When I use write_milkyway or write_mdb to save my design into milkyway format, I only get *.CEL view. There is no any *.NETL view in milkyway library. Without the *.NETL, I can't...
  10. J

    How to use physical compiler and astro?

    Hi sir, Could someone tell me the detail step for using physical compiler and astro? Especially for data exchange between these 2 tools. Thanks. Jerry Yau
  11. J

    Question about write_mdb?

    Hi sir, In my design, the name of power net is VCC and the name of ground net is GND. When I use write_mdb in physical compile, what did I get following message and what physical compile automaticlly use VDD and GND as power and ground net? Thanks. Information: Net 'VDD' in cell 'cw6502' has...
  12. J

    Error message "Command 'compile_physical' is disabled&q

    Hi all, I get this message "Command 'compile_physical' is disabled" in physical compile w200412-SP2. Does someone know how to fix it? Thanks.
  13. J

    How to measure the min_pulse_width for clock pin?

    min_pulse_width Hi ALL, My problen just like the title and the spice fragment is listed below: .PARAM TR=0.001N .PARAM TX=5n .PARAM HI=4.5V .PARAM LO=0V VCK CK VSS PULSE LO HI TD TR TR 'TX-TR' TP .MEAS VO1 FIND PAR('V(Q)/(HI-LO)') AT='0.9*TP+TD' Yau see the spice stimuli. I put a pulse...
  14. J

    Can't not start gui on magma.

    java segmentation fault rhel4 solved Hi sir, I encounter a problem when starting ui of magma. The error messages are listed below : mantle[1]> ui start UI-1 Starting the Watcher process on jerry .................... UI-39 ERROR: Cannot Start a Watcher CMD-56 1 ERROR message and 0...
  15. J

    Milkyway library can't be opened in Astro?

    4505-libbdb.a Hi sir, I have one 0.35um Milkyway library. When I first time open this library in Astro, it is success. And then I close it and want to reopen it. I get an error message. Now this library can not be opened by using Astro or Apollo forever. Do someone know how to fix this...
  16. J

    Calibre problem on resistor reduce.

    calibre reduce r c Hi sir, I have a resistor which 2 terminals are shorted together shown in netlist below .subckt res V3 R4 V3 V3 21500 $[NW] .ends res And I implement it in layout as following:      metal1   nwell   metal1    nwell   metal1...
  17. J

    stats EDAboard.com International Electronics Forum Ce

    Hi sir, I have a resistor which 2 terminals are shorted together shown in follow picture :                  resistor   |----------------------------^^^^^^^^^--------------------| ---|---------------------------------------------------- -----|  terminal 1  A wire to short...
  18. J

    What kind of skill function can do I need.

    Hi, 1. Which skill function can change a MOS' length and width in the schematic? 2. Whcich skill function can be used to flatten all layout database ? 3. Which skill function has sizing function for layout database? 4. Is there a tool can follow the design rule to automatic sizing layout...
  19. J

    I need cadence IC5141 release note.

    Just like title. Thanks.
  20. J

    The problem for IC5141 on redhat enterprise AS 3.0

    Hi, In cadence web site, I saw IC5141 supports redhat enterprise 3. But I always get many warning message when I run the program of IC5141. Does anyone know which version of redhat enterprise is supported by IC5141? AS,ES or WS? Thanks. Jerry Yau

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