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    time space block encoder5 and decoder

    any body have codes in matlab about space time block encoder and decoder.so plz helpme its my finalyear project
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    Looking for ideas for final year project on WiMAX

    hi to everyone i m student of final year i want to do my final year proj on wimax anyone can help me?
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    What does CDMA stand for ?

    what is cdma u have to ask speifi thing abt it it is a long disussion?
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    Simulation of a microstrip transmission line

    u anjust use impendance and phase to describe microstrip line in MATLAB
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    Help me with final year project about charging mobile battery with solar energy

    hi i want to charge mobile battery wid solar energy as my final year proj if anyone have idea abt this so plz help me thanx
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    3 leads ecg circuit using multisim

    ecg monitoring circuit do u have its doumantatio?

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