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    Using GBD with Wiggler or MultiIce via USB

    usb to parallel converter wiggler openocd I do a lot of my ARM development using GNU tools with cygwin, debugging with gdb and multiice. I've been trying to use multiice using a USB to parallel cable (just so that I can use a notebook with no parallel port for debugging) , but the two...
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    Is anyone using the CoWare LISATek Product Family?

    If you're using CoWare's LISATek tools I'd like to hear what you think of them.
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    TeK 7000 series plug in manuals

    7b53a service manual I have quite a lot of 7000 series plug in manuals. If anyone requires a specific manual contact me by PM.
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    OPENMORE excel spreadsheet

    openmore spreadsheet Do you now have to pay to obtain this (from vsia) now that it's been rolled into their 'qip' package? If so, could someone upload the last freely distributable version that used to be available from www.openmore.com?
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    H8S value series in Europe?

    Is there a reliable source of the H8S value series in Europe? The official Hitachi distributors don't seem to be of any use - are there any reliable independant distributors who are happy dealing in small quantities?
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    Testbuilder with windows hosted VHDL simulators?

    Is anyone using testbuilder with a windows hosted VHDL simulator. If so, which one?
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    Abatron BDI2000 vs. EPI Majic for ARM?

    epi majic Does anyone have any experience with these two in circuit emulators?
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    ADA in embedded systems instead of C

    ADA in embedded systems I'm considering moving away from C and using ADA (where possible) for embedded work. I've been using C for about 20 years, and have learned about ADA via designing hardware in VHDL. Tool support for ADA seems to be pretty poor for embedded work, which is one...

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