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  1. Salih

    antenna design on PCB

    Antenna Measurements Article by Mi Technologies
  2. Salih

    Looking for information about Siemens ME35

    Re: Something about ME35 Please visit... ALCA 320/Siemens ALL 3/4 Service software it's a special software service program that allows user to unlock Alcatel XG1 series phone (320 model) by just clickign on button like also Siemens phones by ALL 3/4 software by PRO. Also it can change software...
  3. Salih

    ~NEED HELP~about Workview installation~

    Hi, What use operating systems and NAV version? Windows 2000 and XP even if, change enviroment variable... TEMP or TMP: %USERPROFILE%\Local Settings\Temp to "C:\Temp" or "C:\%SystemRoot%\Temp" Best regards...
  4. Salih

    Automatic Volume Control circuit

    Automatic Volume Control :arrow: Automatic Volume Control: https://www.electronics-lab.com/projects/audio/015/index.html
  5. Salih

    Robots and electronic component...

    ic_74ls00 Oops, other a site: :arrow: HC series integrated data sheets: https://dragon.herts.ac.uk/facilities/stores/datasheets/logic
  6. Salih

    Robots and electronic component...

    nelnick robot part Nelnick Robotic Solutions :arrow: Categories: https://www.nelnick.com/aisle.htm INTEGRATE: :arrow: CMOS Series: https://www.nelnick.com/ic_4000.html :arrow: TTL Series: https://www.nelnick.com/ic_74ls00.html KITS: :arrow: Robot Kits...
  7. Salih

    Fuzzy control of a pendulum problem

    fuzzy control of vertical pendulum Fuzzy control of a pendulum problem Contents • General information • System requirements • About the demonstrator • Fuzzy Course • Install stand-alone version of the simulator "Pendulum" • Get help of the simulator • Go to simulator on the Web...

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